Top 10 Most Influential Mining Lawyers in Peru’s Energy Sector, 2023

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The mining industry in Peru is considered one of the pillars of the country’s economy, characterized by a mix of traditional and modern mining techniques and a wealth of mineral resources. Despite the industry’s scale, ensuring its lawful operation and management can be a complex task. Thus, the role that lawyers specialized in mining law play is crucial. Here, we spotlight some of the country’s most prominent mining lawyers, lauded for their indisputable expertise and remarkable contributions in the field.

We explore their background, expertise in the mining industry, as well as the firms they are associated with. These individuals constantly work to balance both economic profitability and environmental sustainability, aiming for the creation of a responsible and sustainable mining sector. They are not only recognized for their professional abilities but also their unwavering commitment to their clients.

This reflection of the legal landscape will provide insight into the high calibre of legal professionals working in this intricate and challenging sector in Peru. We look at their diverse experiences and how they navigate the intricate regulations and laws linked to mining in Peru to achieve successful outcomes for their clients.

Luis Carlos Rodrigo Prado

Luis Carlos Rodrigo Prado is a star individual from Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados who is lauded for his impressive advice on complex mining matters such as exploration agreements, land acquisition, and mining M&A. His deep understanding of the Peruvian mining sector and sharp commercial insight have won him accolades amongst colleagues and clients alike.

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Nancy Ogata

Apart of Rubio Leguía Normand, Nancy Ogata is an associate-to-watch whose industry knowledge and diligent customer service have earned her the trust and admiration of her clients. Ogata expertly navigates the spheres of both mining and environmental law to offer cohesive and comprehensive advice.

Miyanou Dufour

At the firm of Hernández & Cía., Miyanou Dufour is a well-regarded partner who is lauded for her ability to manage the minute details of her cases without losing sight of her clients’ long-term goals. Dufour’s extensive knowledge of the Peruvian mining field is greatly appreciated by her clientele.

Fernando Pickmann

Fernando Pickmann of Dentons is a highly commended partner whose experience and exceptional advice in the field of mining have led numerous clients to achieve their objectives. Pickmann’s commitment to providing excellent service is widely recognized among his peers.

Diego Pachas

Another stellar associate from Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados, Diego Pachas is highly renowned for his regulatory and administrative knowledge of the mining sphere, making him an asset to his clients.

José Miguel Morales Dasso

A seasoned practitioner and an active presence in the academic arena, José Miguel Morales Dasso of García Sayán Abogados is recognized as a first-class lawyer in the field of energy & natural resources with a special focus on mining.

Óscar Benavides

Óscar Benavides of Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados is an outstanding partner known for his expertise in M&A transactions and complex mining contracts. His exceptional leadership skills and ability to handle sophisticated mining matters make him a favored choice amongst his contemporaries.

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Luis Felipe Huertas del Pino

Respected partner Luis Felipe Huertas del Pino of Hernández & Cía., has built a strong mining practice in Peru. Admired for his efficient advisory services and commercial awareness, Huertas del Pino is sought after for his abilities to oversee complex mining mandates.

Luis Rodríguez-Mariátegui

Luis Rodríguez-Mariátegui of Hernández & Cía., provides nuanced advice backed by his deep understanding of corporate and regulatory matters related to the mining industry. His personalized and professional services have made him a highly regarded partner among his clientele.

Alberto Delgado Venegas

Proving to be a key player in the Peruvian mining sector, Alberto Delgado Venegas of Miranda & Amado Abogados is celebrated for his practical and knowledgeable approach. Delgado Venegas is a highly valued legal advisor due to his understanding of both the mining business and the specific needs of his clients.

In summary, these distinguished legal professionals stand out with their profound understanding of the complexities of mining law in Peru. Their steadfast commitment to the industry, unrivaled knowledge, and able guidance have made them instrumental pillars in the growth of a responsible and profitable mining sector in Peru.

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