Top 10 Employment Law Influencers Defining Porto’s Business Landscape in 2023

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Porto, a bustling city in Portugal, is recognized for its thriving industries, which is complemented by a robust legal framework. This framework safeguards the rights and obligations of all business entities, with a specific focus on employment law. Let's take a closer look at some of the renowned employment lawyers in Porto, each of whom has made a significant impact in the field of employment law in General Business Law.

These lawyers not only have a rich understanding of employment laws but also leverage their expertise in representing clients across a gamut of legal scenarios. Be it restructuring, temporary redundancies, humans resources changes, or disadvantageous changes, these lawyers step in to ensure that the law is upheld in an impartial manner.

With decades of combined experience in this nuanced and complex field of law, these lawyers have invariably contributed to the healthy functioning of Porto's business landscape. Listed alphabetically by their last names, let's dive into the profiles of these esteemed employment lawyers.

Manuel Cavaleiro Brandão

A venerable member of VdA, Manuel Cavaleiro Brandão has carved a niche for himself with a focus on temporary redundancies and collective dismissals as part of corporate restructuring processes. His adept ability to combine legal insight with a pragmatic approach has propelled the positive outcomes for his clients.

Rui Valente

As the head of the Portuguese employment law team at Garrigues, Rui Valente shines in his role, where he advises on collective redundancies and represents companies against class actions related to unpaid wages. He also provides strategic guidance on the employment law considerations arising from corporate restructurings.

José Pedro Anacoreta

With an illustrious career at PLMJ, José Pedro Anacoreta handles employment advice in contexts of corporate transactions, collective bargaining agreements, and redundancies. His expertise in these areas makes him a go-to attorney for many corporate entities.

José Amorim Magalhães

An expert at handling disputes regarding the employment status of independent contractors, José Amorim Magalhães of Morais Leitão, stands out in the field. He has additionally utilized his skills in restructuring and adopting new collective agreements during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic.

André de Oliveira Correia

A stalwart from Garrigues, André de Oliveira Correia demonstrates his proficiency in diverse employment law mandates, which includes workforce restructurings and lay-offs—a critical resource for companies navigating the flux of corporate transitions.

Nuno Cerejeira Namora

Nuno Cerejeira Namora is highly regarded for his work in employment mandates, including auditing assistance and providing ongoing labour advice. He also adeptly resolves contentious issues, bolstering the security of his clients.

Paula Ponces Camanho

At Morais Leitão, Paula Ponces Camanho addresses a wide range of employment law topics for top Portuguese corporations. Her experience in HR restructuring, collective dismissals, and defending companies in individual proceedings has made her an invaluable asset for her clients.

Carla Naia

Known for her abundant experience in the field, Carla Naia, a part of the team at Delgado e Associados, is recognized for her proficient handling of various employment law cases, reaffirming her stature in the legal community.

João Soares Almeida

A key member of Garrigues' employment law team in Porto, João Soares Almeida, handles an assortment of employment law mandates. His cases range from collective dismissals and payment disputes to complex corporate restructuring processes.

Benedita Fernandes Gonçalves

Benedita Fernandes Gonçalves of VdA is known for providing employment law support related to corporate transactions. She also tackles standalone mandates related to collective redundancies and the introduction of new flexible working policies, as well as contentious mandates related to labour accidents and termination of contracts.

These are but a few of the distinguished legal minds serving the bustling city of Porto. Their contributions in shaping the legal landscape and their dedication to upholding the law echo the importance of General Business Law, particularly in the realm of employment law, in Porto.

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