Whistleblowing Culture Gains Momentum Worldwide

Safecall witnesses global growth in demand for whistleblowing services

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Whistleblowing management procedures are rapidly gaining traction across the globe, indicating a shift from a Western trend driven solely by legislation and compliance. HR departments in companies re increasingly recognizing the advantages of fostering a culture that encourages employees to speak up and report workplace wrongdoing. Safecall, a leading UK-based whistleblowing hotline provider, has observed a significant surge in demand for its services from various countries, particularly South East Asia, Africa, and India. The company’s global reach has expanded, with reports of misconduct pouring in from over 900 organizations across 136 countries in 2022. This growth trajectory continues in 2023, cementing whistleblowing as a mark of best practice for global companies and organizations.

Expanding Global Reach: Safecall’s Response to Rising Demand

Safecall’s success in meeting the rising global demand for whistleblowing services has prompted the company to make substantial investments in enhancing its international presence. With the aim of accommodating overseas interest and demand, Safecall is heavily investing in translating its website into multiple languages. Current translation efforts include Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Indonesian, Nepalese, Sinhala, Swahili, Tagalog, Zulu, Uzbek, among others. By offering a diverse range of language options, Safecall strives to ensure seamless access to its services for organizations across different regions, facilitating a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to whistleblowing.

Tim Smith, Director at Safecall, commented on the growing global awareness of whistleblowing processes, stating, “What started in North America, the UK, and the EU as a result of legislation and compliance is now becoming a mark of best practice within a growing number of global companies and organizations.” Building trust with employees is a fundamental aspect of establishing a positive company culture, and it is widely acknowledged that feedback and whistleblowing systems are crucial in achieving this. Employees want to feel secure and respected in their workplaces, knowing that issues such as bullying, discrimination, harassment, racism, or unfair treatment will not be tolerated when reported to management.

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The Crucial Role of Whistleblowers: Protecting Business Goals

There is compelling evidence indicating that whistleblowers play a vital role in maintaining the health of organizations, while functioning hotlines are critical to achieving business goals, including profitability. When employees actively use whistleblowing hotlines, companies are less likely to face lawsuits, and workplace tribunal settlements are minimized. Safecall’s Director, Tim Smith, emphasized the importance of a professional and independent whistleblowing service, stating, “A professional, independent whistleblowing service builds and strengthens trust among employees. Staff should know that complaints of wrongdoing will be dealt with in an efficient, reliable, and impartial manner.”

The knowledge that reports will be thoroughly investigated by experts can encourage employees to make further reports. Conversely, if employees perceive that internal investigations may be conducted with vested interests, their confidence in the whistleblowing policy may wane. Safecall’s experience in this field underscores the significance of establishing a comprehensive training program for managers, as they often struggle to interpret the information provided in internal reports. Smith emphasizes that a robust whistleblowing management system is crucial, stating, “Whistleblowing reporting systems need to be more than a tick-box exercise. To be effective, they need to be promoted internally, and staff need to know there is a channel and mechanism to raise wrongdoing.”

Training for Empowerment: Nurturing a Strong Whistleblowing Culture

While the growth in awareness and use of whistleblowing services worldwide is encouraging, some firms may face challenges in fully supporting whistleblowers. Managers often struggle to interpret the information provided in internal reports, leading to a lack of appropriate action. This highlights the importance of comprehensive training programs to empower managers and ensure they understand the significance of whistleblowing and its implications for the organization.

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A robust whistleblowing management system is the first step towards cultivating a strong culture of reporting wrongdoing. It goes beyond a mere tick-box exercise and requires proactive promotion within the organization. Employees need to know that there is a dedicated channel and mechanism in place to raise concerns. Without proper training on whistleblowing procedures and their purpose, employees may default to their inclination of not speaking up, allowing misconduct to go unreported and potentially continue. This not only hampers the organization’s growth but also undermines employee confidence and trust.

Safecall’s Director, Tim Smith, emphasizes the need for effective training, stating, “Whistleblowing reporting systems need to be more than a tick-box exercise. To be effective, they need to be promoted internally, and staff need to know there is a channel and mechanism to raise wrongdoing.” By investing in training and establishing comprehensive whistleblowing management systems, companies can foster an environment that encourages employees to come forward with their concerns, ultimately leading to a healthier and more transparent organization.


The development of a whistleblowing culture is no longer limited to Western countries driven by legislation and compliance. It has become a global phenomenon, with HR departments around the world recognizing the benefits of empowering employees to report workplace wrongdoing. Safecall’s experience as a leading whistleblowing hotline provider reflects this global trend, with a surge in demand for its services from diverse regions such as South East Asia, Africa, and India.

As the demand for whistleblowing services continues to rise, Safecall is committed to meeting the needs of organizations worldwide. The company is investing heavily in internationalizing its website and expanding language options to ensure accessibility and inclusivity. By offering translations in multiple languages, Safecall aims to remove barriers and enable organizations across different regions to establish effective whistleblowing channels.

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Whistleblowers play a crucial role in maintaining the health of organizations. When employees are encouraged to report wrongdoing, companies are better equipped to address and rectify issues promptly. A professional and independent whistleblowing service, like Safecall, builds trust among employees and fosters a positive company culture. It assures employees that their reports will be handled efficiently, reliably, and impartially.

However, it is important to recognize that simply implementing a whistleblowing management system is not enough. Comprehensive training programs are essential to empower managers and ensure they understand the purpose and importance of whistleblowing. By providing the necessary knowledge and skills, organizations can nurture a strong whistleblowing culture and create an environment where employees feel confident and supported when reporting misconduct.

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