Unveiling the Future: A Groundbreaking New Index Transforms How We Measure Economic Progress

Discover How a Revolutionary Index is Reshaping Our Understanding of Global Economic Development

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Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction of a novel Economic Development Index, offering a comprehensive assessment of global economies.
  • Analysis of 102 countries across 11 sub-indexes, revealing significant insights into economic progress from 2012 to 2019.
  • The index emphasizes the multifactorial nature of economic development, blending qualitative and quantitative measures.


In a world where economic parameters constantly evolve, a groundbreaking study led by Ashot Davoyan, Executive Global Masters in Management Program at the London School of Economics and Political Science, has introduced an innovative tool: the Economic Development Index. This index, encompassing a wide range of economic dimensions, aims to provide a more nuanced understanding of global economic development.

The Genesis of the Economic Development Index

Davoyan’s research, steeped in the wisdom of economic stalwarts like Adam Smith and Joseph Schumpeter, seeks to address the complexities of modern economic development. He quotes Adam Smith from ‘The Wealth of Nations’, underscoring the right of people to maximize their potential: “To prohibit a great people, however, from making all that they can of every part of their own produce, or from employing their stock and industry in the way that they judge most advantageous to themselves, is a manifest violation of the most sacred rights of mankind.”

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The Multidimensional Approach

The Economic Development Index is a culmination of various indicators characterizing economic development in different countries. It includes 11 sub-indexes, covering data of 102 countries from 2012 to 2019. The index not only offers a quantitative assessment but also acknowledges the qualitative, complex, dynamic, and multifactorial-stochastic nature of economic development.

Sub-indexes of the Economic Development Index

The sub-indexes encompass a broad spectrum of economic parameters, including the Global Competitiveness Index, Global Innovation Index, Economic Freedom Index, and Human Development Index, among others. Each sub-index contributes to a comprehensive picture of a country’s economic landscape.

Key Findings and Analysis

Through this index, Davoyan has categorized countries into three groups based on their levels of economic development: high, medium, and low. The top ten countries in each category are highlighted, providing insights into the global economic hierarchy.

Implications for Policy and Future Research

This index serves as a tool for policymakers to develop and assess government programs. It provides a framework for continuous improvement and targeted policy interventions in areas needing development.


Ashot Davoyan’s Economic Development Index is more than just

a measure of economic growth; it’s a comprehensive tool that integrates various dimensions of development, providing a holistic view of global economic progress. This index stands as a testament to the evolving nature of economic analysis, moving beyond traditional metrics like GDP to encompass a broader understanding of what truly constitutes economic advancement.

Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

Davoyan’s work bridges the gap between economic theory and practical application. By drawing on the insights of renowned economists and integrating them with modern statistical methods, the index offers a unique perspective on economic development. It underlines the importance of considering both qualitative and quantitative changes in economies, as emphasized by Hegel’s law of materialist dialectic.

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A New Paradigm in Economic Measurement

The Economic Development Index challenges the conventional methods of measuring economic progress. By including factors such as human capital, quality of life, and social progress, the index highlights the multifaceted nature of economic development. This approach underscores the need for a more inclusive and comprehensive assessment of economic performance.

The Role of Technology and Innovation

Davoyan’s study emphasizes the critical role of technology and innovation in economic development. The inclusion of indexes like the Global Innovation Index and the Human Capital Index reflects the importance of technological advancement and education in driving economic growth.

Economic Development as a Dynamic Process

The study illustrates that economic development is not static but a dynamic process characterized by continuous change and evolution. This perspective aligns with Joseph Schumpeter’s concept of “creative destruction,” where old economic structures are replaced by new, more efficient ones, driven by innovation and technological progress.

Global Economic Trends and Insights

The index offers valuable insights into global economic trends, highlighting countries that have shown significant progress or regression in their economic development over the observed period. These insights are crucial for understanding global economic dynamics and for informing international economic policies.

Future Directions

Looking forward, Davoyan’s Economic Development Index sets the stage for further research in this field. It opens up new avenues for exploring the complex interplay of various factors that contribute to economic development. The index can be a valuable tool for researchers and policymakers alike, providing a more nuanced understanding of what drives economic progress in different parts of the world.

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References and Further Reading

For those interested in delving deeper into the concepts and methodologies underpinning the Economic Development Index, a range of references and resources are provided. These include seminal works by economists like Adam Smith and Joseph Schumpeter, as well as contemporary studies and databases from international organizations like the World Bank and the United Nations.

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