Top 10 Transformative Energy & Natural Resources Lawyers in Maine 2023

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At, we frequently spotlight and present professionals making a significant impact in their respective fields. This week, we’re tuned to Maine’s Energy & Natural Resources Legal sector, showcasing ten distinguished professionals acknowledged for their extensive knowledge, hands-on experience, and notable contributions. These individuals’ expertise range from handling complex cross-border transactions, regulatory compliance, contractual disputes, to an application of cutting-edge renewable energy technologies. All this in a bid to stay on top of an ever-evolving, dynamic industry. Let’s take an exploratory journey into these professionals’ worlds.

Energy and natural resources law is a high-stakes field, where expert advice and representation are paramount. Clients in this industry bear the weight of not only ensuring their businesses operate within established legal and regulatory frameworks, but they also play significant roles in driving energy innovation and adhering to environmental conservation best practices. So, who are these go-to Energy & Natural Resources lawyers in the state of Maine? What firms do they represent, and what makes them stand out in their industry?

This directory is by no means exhaustive but aims to highlight a selection of notable professionals whose legal acumen, attention to detail, pragmatism, and innovative approaches have won them accolades in their field. The uniqueness in their collective professional journey makes an interesting read and gives an insight into the range and depth of expertise they bring to the table.

Jared S. des Rosiers, Pierce Atwood LLP

Jared S. des Rosiers is a top-tier lawyer known for effectively navigating cross-border transactions in the energy sector. His profound understanding of the technical regulatory and policy landscape places him as an asset in this field. Colleagues and clients appreciate his top-notch legal advice and commend his genuine talent in the sector.

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Kevin Decker, Bernstein Shur

Kevin Decker is renowned for providing regulatory compliance and transactional due diligence advice to his developer and utility clients, particularly in the renewable energy space. His clients acknowledge him as a very good lawyer.

Joel Moser, Bernstein Shur

Joel Moser is distinguished for his role as regulatory counsel and providing advisory services on contractual disputes and tax matters.

James Costello, Curtis Thaxter LLC

James Costello, operating from Curtis Thaxter LLC, offers recognized expertise in the energy sector, particularly in utility regulatory matters.

William Hewitt, Roach Hewitt Ruprecht Sanchez & Bischoff, P.C.

William Hewitt, a former engineer, now focuses on representing utilities in energy generation and regulatory affairs. He is praised as an excellent writer, analytical thinker, and a pleasure to work with.

James I. Cohen, Verrill Dana, LLP

James I. Cohen advises clients on emerging energy legislation and the impact of regulatory changes. He is held in high regard in this field.

Adam Cote, Drummond Woodsum

Adam Cote, head of Drummond Woodsum’s energy and utilities team, specializes in solar, thermal, and other renewables-related work.

Amy Olfene, Drummond Woodsum

Amy Olfene has proved her mettle in the groundbreaking project “New England Clean Energy Connect”. Her cerebral approach to work, coupled with her practicality, has earned her respect from peers and clients.

William Ferdinand, Eaton Peabody

William Ferdinand from Eaton Peabody handles regulatory matters for his energy sector clients as part of his wider legislative practice.

Anthony Buxton, Preti Flaherty Beliveau & Pachios, LLP

Anthony Buxton, chair of Preti’s energy and utilities group, provides a plethora of energy law services, including regulatory compliance and litigation. Clients hold Anthony in high esteem for his thoroughness and ability to present compelling arguments.

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