Top 10 Influential TMT Lawyers Making Waves in Malaysia 2023

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Technology, Media and Telecom Lawyers Making Significant Strides in Malaysia

In the advancing world of Technology, Media, and Telecoms (TMT), Malaysia has been experiencing stellar growth that has demanded constant legal adaptability. Internationally, Malaysia has carved out as a significant TMT player, owed not least to its astute legal minds steering the field. This article will traverse through some of the most prolific brains of TMT law in Malaysia, showcasing their significant contributions.

Undoubtedly, these legal professionals mark the Malaysian connection in the global TMT framework. Their expertise cuts across critical areas such as data protection, e-commerce, fintech, and software licensing. Equipped with vast experience, they adeptly handle several corporate mandates and issues touching on cloud services, online domain matters, and regulatory compliance.

Here is a profiling of the distinguished TMT law experts in the Malaysian legal system, each carrying a unique craft in the field. They’re a testament that the marching TMT law sector in Malaysia is well on its way to becoming a global TMT powerhouse.

Charmayne Ong

Partner at Skrine, Charmayne Ong, is well-known for her intellectual property expertise, especially in handling registrations of patents, trade marks, and copyrights. With a broad depth of knowledge in the TMT sector, her work stretches into other sectors as well.

Lai Ling Tong

A crucial player in Malaysia’s TMT legal market, Lai Ling Tong of Raja, Darryl & Loh, is particularly adept at handling matters related to software licensing and regulatory compliance across technology and telecommunications sectors.

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Deepak Pillai

Deepak Pillai from Christopher & Lee Ong – Member of Rajah & Tann Asia Network is an authoritative figure in technology law, with vast experience in data protection and cybersecurity. His proficiency in IT contracts and fintech regulations is second to none.

Sue Wan Wong

Sue Wan Wong of Wong & Partners member firm of Baker McKenzie International is an accomplished corporate lawyer adept at advising TMT clients on pertinent regulations impacting fintech transactions.

Janet Toh Yoong San

Shearn Delamore & Co‘s Janet Toh Yoong San is proficient in a variety of TMT legal work, including data protection, e-commerce, and telecommunications regulatory advice.

Jessie Tan

Jessie Tan, of Shin Associates, has carved a niche in the media and entertainment law. Her representation includes sponsorship, licensing documentation, and exhaustive production advice.

Cheng Leong Foong

Leading his firm, Foong Cheng Leong & Co, Foong Cheng Leong has significantly impacted the Malaysian TMT sector. His prowess in cybersecurity, cloud services, and online domain matters is remarkable.

Darren Kor Yit Meng

Darren Kor Yit Meng of Zul Rafique & Partners helms the firm’s communications and multimedia practice and is a go-to for negotiating network access agreements and disputes.

Jillian Chia

Jillian Chia, working with Skrine, excels in advising clients on telecommunications licensing, technology laws, and media-related regulatory compliance.

Intan Haryati Mohd Zulkifli

Intan Haryati Mohd Zulkifli, a member of the Christopher & Lee Ong – Member of Rajah & Tann Asia Network, is renowned for her adept handling of data regulatory and cloud matters and has frequently guided clients on IT outsourcing contracts.

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In conclusion, these top TMT lawyers are spearheading the sector’s emerging trends, shaping the industry, and transcending legal borders through their significant contributions. Their expert understanding of the complexities in this field makes them the go-to individuals in Malaysia and beyond for TMT legal issues.

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