Top 10 Chongqing Lawyers Influencing China’s Corporate Landscape in 2023

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The legal industry in China is a complex and evolving landscape, with several key factors shaping the way businesses operate and law firms serve their clients. Corporate and commercial law is a particular area of interest, with numerous expert lawyers carving out impressive reputations through their work in this field. This article will focus on some of the leading Corporate/Commercial Lawyers in Chongqing, a booming metropolis located in Southwest China. These legal professionals are part of rapidly growing and highly regarded law firms in the region.

Given Chongqing’s status as one of the four direct-controlled municipalities in the People’s Republic of China, it is a key strategic point for conducting business in the country, making an understanding of corporate and commercial law vital for any legal exercise in China. Despite the relative lack of exposure these legal professionals receive in comparison to their counterparts in the United States or Europe, they are a force to be reckoned with. This article specifically highlights those who are part of PRC Firms – firms owned and operated by the People’s Republic of China.

Take a closer look at some of the leading lawyers, their legal expertise, areas of operation, and in cases where available, links to their law firm’s official websites. The professionals included in this write-up consist of veterans and relative newcomers alike, all who have managed to make a significant impact in the field of Corporate/Commercial law in Chongqing.

Li Xiong

As the leader of the corporate team at Zhong Lun Law Firm, Li Xiong is well-versed in advising domestic enterprises on transactional matters. He brings extensive experience in capital markets and TMT, making him a valued asset to the firm. Unfortunately, a firm website for Zhong Lun is not available for further browsing.

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Hongbo Liu

Baijus Law Firm‘s Hongbo Liu is a well-regarded lawyer with broad experience in handling finance and M&A mandates. She frequently advises premier real estate companies and banks and comes highly recommended for her expertise.

Bing Chen

Bing Chen, a senior partner at Chongqing Jingsheng Law Firm, boasts a strong focus on advising on real estate, investment, financing, corporate bonds, and medium and short-term notes. Unfortunately, a firm website for Chongqing Jingsheng is not available for further browsing.

Pengfei Chen

Pengfei Chen of Yingke Law Firm has built a reputation for providing expert advice across a range of areas, including corporate, real estate, M&A, listing, restructuring matters, and dispute resolution. Unfortunately, a firm website for Yingke Law Firm is not currently available.

Deyun Han

SGLA Law Firm’s Deyun Han possesses accumulated knowledge and experience in dealing with significant commercial matters, including M&A, asset restructuring, real estate development, and international trade and investments. Unfortunately, a firm website for SGLA Law Firm is not currently available.

Peng Xie

At K&H Law Firm, Peng Xie has built a diverse practice, earning recognition for his expertise in insolvency. He also possesses solid experience handling disputes in the real estate and construction sectors.

Jing Peng

Chongqing Jingsheng Law Firm’s founding partner, Jing Peng, is renowned as a dispute expert. With extensive experience in construction contracts and pre-sale agreements for commercial housing and M&A and capital market matters, she is a formidable presence in the legal industry. Unfortunately, a firm website for Chongqing Jingsheng is not available for further browsing.

Xiaobin Yuan

Xiaobin Yuan, Chair of ZHH & Robin, is known for his extensive experience in bankruptcy and liquidation cases. His roster includes major banks and blue-chip companies.

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Lintao Wu

As a trusted figure at Zhong Lun Law Firm, Lintao Wu frequently assists domestic companies with IPOs and corporate governance issues. He is also active on M&A mandates.

Zhiqiang Liu

Zhiqiang Liu of Tahota Law Firm is highly sought after for his prowess in handling share issuances and acquisitions. His varied client list includes financial institutions and listed companies. Unfortunately, a firm website for Tahota Law Firm is not currently available.

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