Revolutionary Leap in Brain Disorder Treatment: Industry Titan Takes the Helm

Seasoned Medtech Maverick Joins Leading Medical Device Firm to Revolutionize Brain Therapeutics

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Key Takeaways:

  • Carthera, the pioneer behind SonoCloud, welcomes a medical device industry giant as chairman of its board of directors.
  • Dr. Oern Stuge, with 30+ years of industry leadership, steps in at a pivotal phase for the company.
  • Carthera preps for an ambitious phase III trial of the groundbreaking SonoCloud-9 device, aiming for market approval for glioblastoma treatment.

A Fresh Leadership for Uncharted Waters

Carthera, well-known for its groundbreaking ultrasound-based medical device, SonoCloud, which aims to transform the way brain disorders are treated, has made a strategic move. With ambitions to launch an impactful phase III trial and hopes of achieving its first market approval, the company has appointed Dr. Oern Stuge, a powerhouse in the medical device industry, as the chairman of its board of directors.

Frederic Sottilini, the dynamic CEO of Carthera, shared his enthusiasm about this strategic appointment, highlighting Dr. Stuge’s unparalleled track record. With businesses developed, sold, or even taken public under his leadership, including an esteemed Unicorn, his insights are bound to be a game changer for Carthera.

Who is Dr. Oern Stuge?

An executive par excellence, Dr. Stuge is no stranger to the world of medtech. Beginning his career in the heart of healthcare as a practicing physician, his journey expanded into the echelons of leadership. He’s an alumnus of the renowned IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, and has held top-tier positions at industry giants like Abbott Laboratories Inc. and Medinor A/S. His tenure at Medtronic, Inc., spanning a staggering 12 years, witnessed the advent of the world’s first commercially available percutaneous heart valve.

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On his appointment at Carthera, Dr. Stuge expressed his eagerness, emphasizing the promise SonoCloud holds and his commitment to driving it to its fullest potential.

SonoCloud: The Future of Brain Therapeutics?

SonoCloud is more than just a medical device; it’s a beacon of hope for countless patients worldwide. Developed through collaboration with the Laboratory of Therapeutic Applications of Ultrasound in Lyon, France, it utilizes ultrasound to improve the delivery of therapeutic agents to the brain. This novel technique, by temporarily increasing the permeability of brain blood vessels, can be a boon for conditions like brain tumors and even Alzheimer’s disease.

However, it’s pertinent to note that while SonoCloud promises a new dawn in brain therapeutics, its safety and efficacy remain under investigation, pending approvals from the EMA and FDA.

All About Carthera

Rooted in the visions of Pr. Alexandre Carpentier from Sorbonne University, Carthera has consistently pushed the boundaries of medtech innovations. This clinical-stage medtech firm is developing the SonoCloud, a unique implant to open the Blood-Brain Barrier temporarily. With offices in both France and the US, the company has received backing from significant entities, including the National Research Agency, Bpifrance, the NIH, and the European Innovation Council.

Final Thoughts

In the rapidly advancing world of medical technology, Carthera’s strategic move to bring Dr. Oern Stuge on board underscores its commitment to innovation, growth, and most importantly, better healthcare outcomes for patients worldwide. As Carthera embarks on this exciting journey, the world keenly awaits the transformation SonoCloud promises to bring to the domain of brain disorder treatments.

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