Revolutionary Tech Surge Predicted to Transform 94% of Digital Products by 2028

Groundbreaking Survey Forecasts an AI-Driven Overhaul in Global Product Development

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Emergn’s new data anticipates a staggering 94% of new digital products and services to be AI-powered by 2028.
  2. The widespread adoption of AI poses substantial risks, including challenges in data privacy, accuracy, and scalability.
  3. Expert intervention and strategic frameworks are essential to capitalize on AI’s full potential and avoid societal and economic repercussions.

The AI Revolution in Product Development

An Unprecedented Leap into the Future

The landscape of digital product and service development is poised for an unparalleled transformation. According to the latest survey conducted by Emergn, an innovative force in the digital services sector, an astonishing 94% of new digital products and services will be crafted using Artificial Intelligence (AI) by 2028. This projection surpasses previous expectations and underscores AI’s escalating influence across various industries.

Enthusiasm Tempered by Risks and Realities

Although this integration of AI heralds a new era of innovation and efficiency, it’s not without its challenges and risks. Emergn’s survey, which included insights from industry leaders in the UK and the US, reveals a crucial narrative – while 75% of respondents recognize AI as a pivotal element in redefining product cycles, there remains a significant 71% who underscore the urgency in addressing AI’s potential privacy issues, with 70% focusing on ensuring reliable, accurate outcomes, and 60% on scalable AI solutions.

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The Impact of AI on Society and Industry

Bridging Optimism and Caution

The adoption of AI is more than a technological milestone; it’s a step into a future where the efficacy and ethics of AI use become paramount. AI’s reliance on data sets brings forth issues like ingrained bias, impacting everything from healthcare to public services. The conversation isn’t merely about technological advancement but also about safeguarding societal values and preventing the widening of inequality gaps.

Charting a Course for AI Success

Bridging the Expertise Gap

Emergn CEO, Alex Adamopoulos, highlights the vital need for correct AI application, emphasizing that “AI offers a tremendous opportunity to create more useful products that deliver better experiences, more efficiently.” To fully harness AI’s capabilities, organizations must navigate the chasm between executive expectations and the gritty realities of AI implementation. Expertise in AI, a deep understanding of customer needs, and robust structures for overseeing AI’s use, particularly in training and development, are critical for success.

Emergn’s Role in Shaping AI’s Future

Emergn’s approach is three-pronged: educating clients on AI’s potential, developing essential competencies in leadership and product management, and delivering AI solutions through experienced product teams. This strategy is aligned with Emergn’s mission – “improving how people and companies work forever.”

The Survey and Its Implications

Demographics and Responses

Conducted between July 24 and August 17, 2023, the Emergn survey polled 403 business leaders from the UK and US, spanning a range of industries and company sizes. The unweighted results paint a comprehensive picture of current attitudes and expectations surrounding AI in product development.

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Emergn’s Vision and Methodology

A Commitment to Transformation

With nearly fifteen years of experience, Emergn’s unique Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ) philosophy integrates the best from Agile, Lean, and various disciplines. This approach is designed for enterprise-scale change, equipping businesses to navigate the complexities of AI integration effectively.


A Balanced Future for AI in Business

As businesses on a global scale gear up to embrace AI, they must tread a path balanced between innovation and responsibility. The benefits of AI are immense, but so are the risks. Navigating these waters will require not only technological prowess but also a profound commitment to ethical standards, data privacy, and equitable impact.

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