Massive Investment and Regeneration Opportunities Unveiled at UK’s Premier Business Event

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Key Takeaways:

  • UKREiiF, the UK’s Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum, is set to attract almost 12,000 attendees in May 2024, showcasing investment and regeneration prospects across the UK.
  • The event covers diverse sectors such as housing, technology, healthcare, energy, infrastructure, and more, fostering economic growth and addressing challenges like social housing and green infrastructure.
  • Supported by the UK Government and featuring prominent speakers, UKREiiF has rapidly grown in prominence, facilitating millions in social impact and significant investments.

Subtitle: Unveiling the Path to Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth

In an ambitious endeavor to attract inward investment, foster inclusive growth, and fuel sustainable economic development, the UK’s Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum (UKREiiF) is set to welcome nearly 12,000 domestic and international attendees to Leeds in May 2024. This three-day event aims to highlight opportunities across various sectors while focusing on addressing critical challenges like social housing, green infrastructure, and more. With the backing of the UK Government and endorsements from key governmental departments, UKREiiF is rapidly becoming Europe’s fastest-growing real estate and built environment event.

Building a Better Future: The UKREiiF Vision

UKREiiF, launched in 2022, has evolved into a pivotal event that brings together public and private sectors alongside the UK’s cities and regions. This year’s event boasts over 700 speakers across 30 stages, with notable figures like Alastair Campbell, Rory Stewart, and Kerry McCarthy confirmed to speak. Mayors from various devolved authorities, including Mayor Tracy Brabin, Mayor Oliver Coppard, and Nik Johnson, will also be in attendance.

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Having witnessed significant growth from 3,500 attendees in 2022 to 7,500 in 2023, UKREiiF 2024 is poised to attract over 12,000 attendees to Leeds. In addition to the event’s impact on attendance figures, it is expected to generate approximately £20 million for the local Leeds community, building upon the £2.25 million in social impact created in 2023.

Facilitating Investment and Transformation

The impact of UKREiiF is not limited to attendance figures alone; it extends to tangible investments and development across various regions. For instance, Torbay Council recently announced a £100 million investment in the seaside destination, driven by their participation in the event. Several other schemes totaling over £500 million in investments are known to be in the pipeline in other cities as a direct result of introductions and facilitation at UKREiiF.

During the event, both international and domestic investors, developers, and occupiers will have the opportunity to interact with UK cities and regions. These interactions aim to uncover collaborations and partnerships that can drive forward mutual goals and development initiatives.

Industry Praise for UKREiiF

UKREiiF’s emergence as Europe’s fastest-growing real estate and built environment event has garnered praise from senior figures in the industry. International investors, such as Amro Partners’ President, have lauded the event’s role in signaling that the UK is open for business. Alan Denby, Director of Pride in Place at Torbay Council, cited UKREiiF as instrumental in attracting a £100 million investment to the local community.

Alastair Campbell, Former Director of Communications for No. 10 Downing Street, emphasized the event’s capacity to bring together all the essential components needed for regional regeneration and economic success. Greg Ward, Principal Regeneration Officer for Economic Development at North Northamptonshire Council, highlighted the positive outcomes for their region resulting from their involvement in UKREiiF.

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International Delegates and Participation

Anticipation is building for UKREiiF 2024, with around 1,500 delegates expected from overseas, including a trade delegation from Asia led by the Department for Business and Trade. European investors and developers are also drawn to the event, recognizing the strength of the UK market, especially in emerging sectors like Agri-Tech, Life Sciences, Aerospace, EV, and Data Centers.

Furthermore, international cities and regions, including Illinois State, New York Economic Development Corporation, Choose Paris, Business Iceland, and the Municipality of Genoa, have already registered their attendance. They aim to share best practices among UK regions while presenting their own successful case studies.

For more information and to be a part of this transformative event, visit UKREiiF’s official website.

UKREiiF (The UK’s Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum) is dedicated to driving transformational, inclusive, and sustainable growth in UK cities and regions, benefitting local communities. Details at

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