Cyber Threats on the Rise: Navigating the Challenging Waters of eCommerce Security During Peak Season

Combating Digital Dangers: Essential Strategies for eCommerce Businesses to Thwart Cyber Attacks This Festive Season

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Key Takeaways:

  • Rising Cybersecurity Challenges: As the UK ranks third globally in eCommerce, the Christmas season brings heightened risks of cyber attacks, including e-skimming and DDoS.
  • Diverse Attack Methods: Cyber criminals employ tactics such as e-skimming, DDoS attacks, price wars, and phishing to exploit online businesses.
  • Preventive Measures and Response Strategies: Utilizing robust security solutions, understanding key threats, and implementing effective response strategies are crucial to safeguard eCommerce operations.

Introduction: The Cybersecurity Imperative in eCommerce

With the UK’s burgeoning eCommerce market, the festive period has become a prime time for cyber criminals. Companies face a range of cyber threats, from e-skimming to DDoS attacks. Understanding and mitigating these risks is essential for the safety and prosperity of online businesses.

Unpacking the Cyber Threat Landscape

E-Skimming: A Stealthy Menace

E-skimming presents a significant threat, as hackers steal payment information during the checkout process. This not only compromises customer data but also damages the business’s reputation and incurs hefty fines.

DDoS Attacks: Disrupting Business Continuity

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks overload servers with excessive internet traffic, leading to slow or inaccessible websites. This can result in substantial revenue losses, especially detrimental to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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The Competitive Edge: Price Wars

Competitors may use bots for scraping pricing details, leading to financial losses for businesses by undercutting prices and affecting market competitiveness.

Phishing: The Deceptive Trap

Phishing attacks are prevalent, where businesses or customers are tricked into revealing sensitive information. These can lead to significant data breaches if not adequately protected against.

Cybersecurity Expert Insight

Venky Sundar on Christmas Cyber Threats

Venky Sundar, Founder and President of Indusface, highlights the crucial challenge of application availability during the holiday season. He identifies the main areas of attack, including technology, supply chain, and fraud, emphasizing the need for robust security measures.

Proactive Measures for eCommerce Safety

Sundar advises opting for security providers offering managed services with clear SLAs on downtime and response times. This ensures continuous protection, even during off-hours, and supports the core business of fulfilling orders.

Navigating a Cyber Attack: Immediate Steps

Scenario-Based Responses

  • With Advanced WAAP/WAF: Escalate to the service provider’s team for assistance in thwarting attacks and applying virtual patches.
  • Without Advanced Security Measures: Enable site-wide captcha to mitigate attack traffic, and utilize Application Security Testing tools to identify and patch vulnerabilities promptly.

Conclusion: Securing the Digital Frontier

The rise in cyber threats necessitates a vigilant approach from eCommerce businesses. Implementing comprehensive cybersecurity strategies, staying aware of prevalent threats, and having effective response plans are key to safeguarding against potential cyber attacks during the festive season and beyond.


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