Revolution in Healthcare: Self-Monitoring Breakthrough for Chronic Patients

Pioneering Blood Potassium Self-Test Device Set to Transform Patient Care

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Key Takeaways:

  • CardioRenal and CHU Grenoble Alpes introduce a groundbreaking device for self-testing blood potassium levels.
  • The TENOR device, a first-of-its-kind, offers a new level of autonomy for patients with chronic renal failure.
  • This innovation could significantly improve treatment outcomes and patient well-being.

A Milestone in Patient Empowerment

Grenoble, France, December 19, 2023 – In a landmark announcement, CardioRenal and CHU Grenoble Alpes have unveiled a major innovation in the healthcare sector. The introduction of the TENOR device, designed for blood potassium self-tests, marks a significant advancement in patient care, particularly for those suffering from chronic illnesses.

TENOR: A New Era for Chronic Renal Failure Treatment

TENOR allows patients to autonomously and accurately measure their blood potassium levels at home. This capability is akin to the blood sugar self-tests familiar to diabetic patients. Dr. Pierre-Louis Carron, the principal investigator in the Gamma clinical trial, emphasized, “TENOR will represent a considerable improvement in treating patients living with chronic renal failure. Thanks to TENOR, patients will be able to take potassium measurements much more frequently at home.”

The Path to Innovation

The development of TENOR is the culmination of years of research collaboration between CardioRenal and the CEA in Grenoble. In 2023, it earned the ‘Breakthrough Designation Device’ label from the FDA. Prof. Patrick Rossignol, co-founder of CardioRenal, noted, “With TENOR, the patient will be able to take this measurement as often as necessary.”

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Enhancing Treatment and Monitoring

TENOR is specifically designed for home use by patients with renal or cardiac insufficiency. Within minutes, it performs a precise potassium measurement and transmits the values to the CardioRenal web platform. This accessibility enables physicians to make more informed decisions about therapeutic adjustments.

A Lifeline for Kidney Disease Patients

The risk of adverse cardiovascular events in patients with advanced kidney disease is strongly linked to potassium variations. The TENOR device allows patients, especially dialysis patients, to monitor their levels more closely, potentially reducing the risk of hyperkalemia.

Chronic Kidney Disease: A Global Health Concern

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a long-term condition where the kidneys lose function over time. It’s commonly caused by diabetes and hypertension and affects over 800 million individuals worldwide, emerging as a leading cause of mortality.

Grenoble Alpes University Hospital: A Center of Excellence

Grenoble Alpes University Hospital, with its 11,500 professionals, offers a comprehensive range of services and is a referral center for complex renal pathologies in the Alpine region.

CardioRenal: Innovators in Patient Care

CardioRenal, founded by Professors Faiez Zannad and Patrick Rossignol, is dedicated to improving the care of chronic patients at home. The company focuses on addressing the clinical need for home blood potassium measurement.

Leadership and Vision

The strategic direction of CardioRenal, under Maurice Bérenger (CEO) and Guilhem Henrion (CTO), emphasizes the importance of home-based patient monitoring in managing heart failure and renal disease.

The Future of Healthcare

This innovation represents a paradigm shift in how chronic illnesses are managed, offering a new level of independence and control to patients. Clinical studies over the coming years will further demonstrate the benefits of the TENOR device.

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