Autumn Statement Reveals Major Shifts: Who Wins and Who Loses in the Latest Economic Agenda?

In-Depth Analysis of the Autumn Statement's Impact on UK Businesses, with Expert Insights from Menzies LLP

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Key Takeaways:

  1. SMEs in the UK feel overlooked in the recent Autumn Statement despite government promises.
  2. The Chancellor’s permanent tax break benefits large companies but excludes smaller businesses and the self-employed.
  3. A new R&D tax relief scheme simplifies processes but may disadvantage SMEs compared to the previous setup.

The Chancellor’s Economic Vision Jeremy Hunt, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, presented the Autumn Statement to Parliament, focusing on stimulating business investment, supporting work efforts, and fostering economic growth. This strategic move is seen as a step towards reshaping the UK’s economic landscape.

SMEs: Overlooked Yet Crucial Despite the government’s commitment to supporting UK SMEs, Menzies LLP, a leading accountancy and strategic advisory firm, expressed disappointment over the lack of substantial measures for small and medium-sized enterprises. The extension of the frozen small business rates multiplier was the only significant nod to these businesses, which is viewed as insufficient for long-term financial improvement.

Tax Breaks: A Mixed Bag The Chancellor’s decision to make the ‘full expensing’ tax break permanent was hailed as a transformative move for large-scale businesses, particularly in manufacturing and construction. However, this leaves a gap for smaller businesses, unincorporated entities, and the self-employed, raising concerns about inclusivity in the government’s fiscal policy.

R&D Tax Relief: A New Approach The Autumn Statement introduced a new form of R&D tax relief, merging existing schemes and lowering the threshold for R&D-intensive businesses. While the simplification is welcome, it raises concerns about its impact on SMEs, potentially leaving them in a less advantageous position compared to the previous system.

National Insurance Adjustments The Chancellor’s decision to lower National Insurance rates for employees and abolish it for the self-employed was well-received. However, the lack of similar relief for employers, particularly in light of the increased National Living Wage, was noted as a missed opportunity for broader economic impact.

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Menzies LLP: A Strategic Perspective Menzies LLP, known for their expertise in accountancy and strategic advisory, offers a critical analysis of the Autumn Statement. Their insights reflect the complexities and challenges faced by different sectors in the UK economy.

About Menzies LLP With a significant presence in the UK, Menzies LLP provides a range of accountancy services. As a member of HLB International and recipient of multiple awards, Menzies stands as a leading voice in the field. Their services span across audit, tax advisory, business recovery, and more, offering comprehensive solutions to a diverse client base.

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