UN Urges Profound Change: B Corp Certification Sweeps UK Businesses, Shaping a New Era of Responsible Commerce

Fallow, Field & Mason PR Joins the Growing B Corp Movement, Paving the Way for Ethical PR Solutions

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Key Takeaways:

  • The UN General Assembly calls for a shift towards a sustainable and harmonious way of living.
  • B Corp Certification gains momentum in the UK, with 1,500 certified companies, including PR agency Fallow, Field & Mason.
  • Ethical and responsible business practices are becoming central to corporate identities as consumers increasingly support B Corp Certified companies.

The Call for a Global Transformation

In September 2023, the United Nations General Assembly issued a compelling call for a paradigm shift in our lifestyles, urging a transition toward a mode of production, consumption, and living that respects and maintains equilibrium with all people, species, and ecosystems. Against this backdrop of global change, Fallow, Field & Mason PR, a leading communications and podcast consultancy, proudly announced its certification as a B Corporation (B Corp).

UN’s Critique of PR Companies

At the UN General Assembly in 2022, UN Secretary-General António Guterres criticized PR companies for masking the irresponsible activities of their clients, particularly those in the fossil fuel industry. In response to this critique, Fallow, Field & Mason (FF&M) has now become one of the 25 B Corp communications consultancies in the UK, joining a growing community of businesses committed to being forces for good while also generating sustainable profits.

One year after the UN’s critical stance on PR agencies, FF&M’s B Corp certification signifies a departure from traditional PR agency models and a commitment to ethical and responsible practices.

B Corp Certification Gains Traction

The B Corp movement is gaining momentum across various sectors, with a surge in media companies joining the ranks of B Corp Certified businesses. Country & Town House, a respected luxury lifestyle magazine, became the world’s first B Corp glossy magazine in August 2023. Additionally, business-focused publication Raconteur has recently achieved B Corp Certification. Even national titles like The Guardian have embraced B Corp status.

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Lucy Cleland, founding editor of Country & Town House, underscores the significance of B Corp certification: “Our B Corp certification was a public declaration of our dedication to ethical business practices. Given the monumental social and environmental challenges we face, businesses have a crucial role to play. It’s not just about our sector; it’s about being a business that believes in doing better.”

The Role of B Corp Experts

Aisling Connaughton, co-founder of Cyd Connects, a sustainability consultancy that guided FF&M through the B Corp certification process, notes a growing trend among media outlets and agencies. They are becoming increasingly aware of their clients’ values and seek to work with businesses that align with these values. Connaughton emphasizes that being accountable for their actions, including the clients they promote, is becoming essential in the industry.

B Corp Certification: The Gold Standard

B Corp Certification is considered the highest standard of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability globally. It underscores FF&M’s commitment to fostering the next generation of responsible businesses that prioritize both people and the planet while ensuring sustainable profitability.

Juliet Fallowfield, Founder and Managing Director of FF&M, reflects on the significance of B Corp Certification for the agency: “Achieving B Corp Certification has reassured me that we’re building a business with ethical practice at its core. It’s not just a statement; it’s independent verification. I am thrilled that FF&M has been recognized for taking care of all our stakeholders.”

The Rigorous B Corp Process

Obtaining B Corp Certification is no small feat. FF&M’s application involved over 70 hours of work and an in-depth examination of every aspect of the agency’s three-and-a-half-year-old business. The process ensures a positive impact on all stakeholders, including the team, clients, the press, and suppliers. FF&M scored an impressive 86 points during the rigorous verification process, with particularly high marks in the employment and community categories.

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Consumer Trust in B Corp Certified Businesses

A 2021 survey revealed that among those familiar with B Corp, 70% would be more inclined to purchase from a B Corp Certified business. This growing consumer trust indicates that an increasing number of individuals rely on B Corp Certification to guide their spending decisions. Unlike empty promises, B Corp Certified businesses demonstrate genuine efforts to reorient their operations toward social and environmental good.

In conclusion, as the world heeds the UN General Assembly’s call for change, the B Corp movement is shaping a new era of responsible commerce. Fallow, Field & Mason PR’s certification underscores its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, providing a model for other businesses to follow suit. As consumers increasingly support responsible businesses, B Corp Certification has become a hallmark of trust and a catalyst for positive change in the corporate world.

About Fallow, Field & Mason

Fallow, Field & Mason is a B Corp-certified PR, communications, and podcast production consultancy dedicated to helping clients build the next generation of responsible businesses. The agency empowers companies to own their PR in-house, leveraging their founders, creative directors, and internal teams as their best storytellers. FF&M also offers end-to-end podcast production services to enhance brand awareness in a thoughtful and engaging manner. Prior to launching FF&M, Founder and Managing Director Juliet Fallowfield led global press offices for luxury brands, including CHANEL, Burberry, Shangri-La Hotels, and De Beers for over 20 years.

About B Corp

B Corp is an international not-for-profit network that supports businesses in collectively reshaping the global economy to benefit both people and the planet, all while generating profit. Established in 2006, B Corp’s mission is to make business a force for good and empower businesses to address pressing challenges, including the climate crisis. B Corp Certification is legally binding and requires companies to amend their Articles of Association. Recertification is necessary every three years.

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“Given the huge social and environmental issues that threaten us on a micro and a macro level, I really think businesses have a crucial role to play. We didn’t think about it from our sector, we thought about it as a business that believed in doing better. And really, it’s only just the start, but doing the certification has equipped us to look at things differently and thus make different decisions.” said Lucy Cleland.

Source: https://www.fallowfieldmason.com/post/fallow-field-mason-is-now-b-corp-certified

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