2023 Top 10 Most Influential Public Procurement Lawyers in Sweden

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Public Procurement Law in Sweden: Exceptional Practitioners

Public procurement law governs the purchasing by public sector bodies and certain utility sector bodies of contracts for goods, works or services. As a rapidly evolving sphere, it requires a unique set of competencies to navigate the complexities involved. Sweden has proven to be home to an array of exceptional public procurement lawyers who occupy a crucial role in the legal system, acting for clients on both sides – contracting entities and suppliers. We delve into a selection of highly esteemed legal practitioners in the field.

Kaisa Adlercreutz – Front Advokater

Kaisa Adlercreutz hails from Front Advokater and is distinguishable for her intense dedication to public procurement. She is adept in this field and operates from Front Advokater’s Gothenburg location. The lack of a firm’s website reflects its commitment to one-on-one personal interactions to best serve their clients.

Henrik Seeliger – Advokatfirman Lindahl

Henrik Seeliger of Advokatfirman Lindahl operates out of the firm’s Gothenburg office. Known for his meticulous advice to contracting authorities on procurement processes, Seeliger also has a breadth of experience representing suppliers in the challenge of awards.

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Joakim Lavér – Hannes Snellman

With a strong reputation for representing established contracting entities and suppliers, Joakim Lavér of Hannes Snellman is constantly handling pivotal procurement matters. Renowned for his extensive action on review procedures and disputes in the transport sector, Lavér is widely recognised in the field.

Erik Gadman – Setterwalls

Erik Gadman, a prominent figure at Setterwalls, receives noteworthy recognition for his public procurement practice. His expertise spans assisting with the negotiation of public contracts and representing clients in judicial reviews.

Eva-Maj Mühlenbock – Cirio Advokatbyrå AB

Eva-Maj Mühlenbock of Cirio Advokatbyrå AB is renowned for her extraordinary experience and proficiency in the public procurement field. Regularly representing contracting entities and suppliers in the administrative courts, her competency is well regarded in the legal community.

Lina Håkansson Kjellén – BOKWALL RISLUND Advokatbyrå

Lina Håkansson Kjellén, of BOKWALL RISLUND Advokatbyrå, advises bidders on intricate procurement matters, guiding clients from the tender stage through to administrative reviews. Her firm, despite not having a website, is deeply committed to personalized service and consultation to best benefit their clients.

Anna Ulfsdotter – Advokatfirman Ulfsdotter AB

Widely respected for her immense knowledge and experience, Anna Ulfsdotter Forssell represents bidders and contracting authorities throughout the procurement process. This includes advising on judicial reviews and damages claims. Advokatfirman Ulfsdotter AB does not run a website, to further their focus on personal client service.

Sven Vaxenbäck – Mannheimer Swartling

At Mannheimer Swartling, Sven Vaxenbäck assists contracting entities and suppliers with all kinds of procurement procedures. Frequently acting on procurement procedures in the transport sector, Vaxenbäck’s skillset is highly sought after.

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Carl Norén – Kastell Advokatbyrå

Carl Norén of Kastell Advokatbyrå handles a wide range of procurement matters, which includes tender offers, contractual negotiations, and administrative reviews, primarily acting for bidders. Norén’s broad expertise makes him an invaluable resource in this field.

Kristian Pedersen – Advokatfirman Kahn Pedersen

Endowed with a wealth of experience in public procurement, Kristian Pedersen of Advokatfirman Kahn Pedersen regularly acts for public bodies as well as bidders on prominent tenders and related disputes. Pedersen’s adept handling propels him to the apex of the industry.

Their remarkable contributions to the field of public procurement law underscore the significance of this sector in maintaining the smooth operations of public entities and suppliers. In providing key legal advice and representation, these exceptional individuals have established themselves as pillars of the legal community in Sweden.

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