Top 10 Most Influential Mining Lawyers in South Africa 2023 Unveiled

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The South African mining sector is a bustling arena of enterprise, not only in terms of physical extraction but also in the intricate legal framework that upholds, facilitates and regulates these operations. Understandably, the industry’s elite lawyers are a crucial cog in the machine, often the unsung heroes behind successful mining ventures. Here, we present to you some of the foremost experts in Energy & Natural Resources: Mining Law in South Africa. These individuals have established themselves in the field through their extensive experience, consistent success rates and valuable contributions to the evolution of mining law.

Charles Young

Charles Young is currently associated with Bowmans. His expertise lies in M&A and asset transactions, and he also provides advice on commercial agreements. Charles has made a name for himself in the mining sector, particularly for his counsel on cross-border acquisitions and share subscriptions.

Bruce Falcon

Working under Falcon and Hume Inc, Bruce Falcon expertly handles an array of local and cross-border transactional matters related to the mining industry. He is renowned for his corporate activity, which includes joint ventures and M&A mandates.

Manus Booysen

Manus Booysen of Webber Wentzel, consults out of Johannesburg. His longstanding experience spanning the entirety of mining law matters in South Africa has garnered him much acclaim and respect in professional circles. His thorough understanding of the corporate, regulatory, and legislative requirements of mining matters is highly prized.

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Michael Dale

Michael Dale, despite not having a firm website, has made a reputable name for himself as one of the leading mining lawyers in the country. Based in Johannesburg, he is recognised for his comprehensive representation of corporate clients and industrial organisations in mining-related matters, along with acclaim for his scholastic achievements.

Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson is a key figure in the South African mining sector, associated with Webber Wentzel. His wide-ranging prowess in corporate mining matters, including company structuring and M&A, has rendered him an invaluable asset for clients in the industry.

Hulme Scholes

Hulme Scholes, despite not having a firm website, wins widespread respect for his work relating to mining and mineral regulation. His noteworthy expertise in areas such as mineral rights and BEE transactions, environmental matters and related litigation sets him apart in the field.

Patrick Leyden

Patrick Leyden of Hebert Smith Freehills, operates a growing corporate practice that encompasses mining-related mandates including M&A and disposals. Leyden expertise in the commercial and regulatory considerations of transactional and operational matters is sought after in Johannesburg.

Peter Leon

Peter Leon’s effective activities across a multitude of regulatory and transactional mining mandates are highly regarded. Based in Johannesburg, he handles acquisitions and contentious matters, including land disputes and environmental litigation.

Ntsiki Adonisi-Kgame

Ntsiki Adonisi-Kgame of ENSafrica is gaining recognition within the South African mining space. She has successfully managed mandates on behalf of both local and international organisations covering due diligence, share agreements, and mining rights matters.

Jonathan Veeran

Head of the mining group at Webber Wentzel, Jonathan Veeran is based out of Johannesburg and handles corporate mandates. His contribution to the firm has been instrumental in establishing it as a powerhouse in the mining law sector.

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Admittedly, the legal work behind mining operations is multifaceted, challenging, and vital to the industry’s stability and growth. These esteemed lawyers, through their innovative approaches and relentless dedication, continue to pioneer in the field and shape the future of South Africa’s mining law.

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