Unveiling the Top 10 Most Influential Tax Lawyers in Hungary 2023

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Tax law is a fundamental aspect of any successful business, an area where expert guidance and counsel are crucial. In Hungary, there are exceptional tax lawyers that are leading the field, offering expertise and guidance to businesses on an array of complex tax issues. This article aims to showcase some of the most interesting tax lawyers in Hungary, providing insights into their backgrounds, achievements and specializations. From tax structuring to litigation, these professionals command respect and admiration from their peers and clients alike, standing out for their insightful knowledge and tract records of success.

Besides representing a crucial part of any business operation, tax law is also a highly dynamic field, constantly evolving with the changes in international and domestic regulatory environments. The highly skilled Hungarian professionals in this list navigate this complex field with finesse, adeptly managing tax planning and compliance issues crucial to the survival and prosperity of the businesses they represent. From large corporate restructurings to tax audits for international clients, these lawyers offer vital aid and support.

While these legal practitioners operate in a highly complex and intricate field, it is their commitment, innovation, and in-depth understanding of the regulatory terrain that sets them apart. Let us take a better look at these extraordinary individuals and shed light on why they are recognized as esteemed representatives of Hungary’s legal industry.

István Csővári

István Csővári is a highly respected tax lawyer who regularly navigates his clients through tax structuring for transactions and investments. He is also adept at dealing with the tax implications of large company restructurings and ESOP programmes.

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Eszter Kálmán

Eszter Kálmán is renowned for her experience in transactional tax advisory, VAT matters, tax fraud allegations and the tax aspects of energy sector projects. Her valuable insights help businesses meet regulatory requirements while achieving their strategic objectives.

Timea Bodrogi-Szabó

Timea Bodrogi-Szabó is known for assisting high-profile international clients with tax audits, adeptly navigating intricate legal and regulatory guidelines to provide optimal outcomes.

Gergely Riszter

Gergely Riszter has a market-leading practice advising on tax litigation cases and tax audits, specifically those involving VAT issues. His expertise extends to providing corporates with advice on income tax matters and helping with tax structuring for transactions.

Mihály Harcos

Mihály Harcos ranks highly on the list of tax lawyers thanks to his outstanding reputation. He is sought after for his inputs on contentious tax matters which he handles with deft proficiency.

János Pásztor

János Pásztor is reputed for representing clients in tax litigation matters. His advice on tax structuring for M&A transactions and handling issues around VAT, transfer pricing and income tax is highly sought after.

Tamás Fehér

Tamás Fehér stands out for his experience in contentious and non-contentious VAT and customs matters. His acumen extends to helping clients with the tax aspects of transactions, including transfer pricing issues.

Pál Jalsovszky

Pál Jalsovszky is recognized for his prowess in mastering the tax aspects of restructurings, cross-border acquisitions and investments.

Gergely Séra

Gergely Séra assists clients across a range of proceedings before the tax authority and domestic courts, usually involving disputes around VAT. He also aids investors with the tax structuring of transactions.

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Balázs Kántor

Balázs Kántor has a strong reputation for assisting clients with tax structuring of corporate, real estate and financing transactions. He also offers guidance on issues around double taxation, VAT and transfer pricing.

In conclusion, the tax lawyers mentioned above showcase the depth and richness of expertise found in Hungary’s legal industry, particularly in the complex field of tax law. Their commitment to delivering thorough, sophisticated, and efficient solutions makes them valuable assets in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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