Top 10 Influential Mining Lawyers Dominating Chile’s Energy Sector in 2023

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Chile is globally renowned for its abundant natural resources, particularly for its mining sector, which is one of the biggest contributors to its economy. The country’s legal landscape manifests some of the best legal minds who have specialized in the energy and natural resources sector, specifically mining. This article features some of the notable mining law experts in Chile, evaluating their contributions to this sector and acknowledging their influence and prominence in ensuring the healthy thriving of the mining industry with their impeccable skills, services, and rising reputation.

The legal professionals highlighted in this piece have been lauded for their exceptional capabilities to close lucrative deals, sound judgment, excellent communication, understanding of the mining business, commercial awareness, and negotiation skills. Furthermore, they not only provide legal advice but contribute significantly to establishing a benchmark in the Chilean mining industry.

Let’s dive deeper into knowing these distinguished mining lawyers, their affiliations with top-notch law firms, and the recognition they have received for their major contributions to the Chilean energy and mining sector. Each lawyer has been presented with a short biodata and description of their services for comprehensive insight into their illustrious career path and accomplishments.

Pedro Lyon

Pedro Lyon, the reputed partner at Guerrero Olivos, is praised for his competence in the Chilean mining market. With robust technical and soft skills, he is acknowledged for his ability to close deals effectively. Pedro is also regarded as an excellent negotiator and team leader.

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Gonzalo Nieto

Gonzalo Nieto, of Dentons Larraín Rencoret SpA, joins the ranks this year after earning considerable recognition from clients for his active mining practice. Clients assert Gonzalo’s competence and good judgement in handling mining legal matters.

Benjamín Pérez Arrieta

Benjamín Pérez Arrieta, a partner at Guerrero Olivos, is an emerging figure in the Chilean mining sector. He is praised for his excellent communication skills, high responsiveness, and his systematic and logical working methodology.

Gonzalo Grez

Gonzalo Grez, partner at Cariola Díez Pérez-Cotapos, is widely acknowledged by market players in Chile. Clients appreciate his problem-solving approach and his continuous focus on the needs of his clients.

Cristián Quinzio

Quinzio & Olivares Abogados‘s founding partner Cristián Quinzio, is a stalwart in the Chilean mining legal market, who possesses solid experience advising clients on a myriad of crucial cases.

Nicolás Eyzaguirre

Nicolás Eyzaguirre, a partner at Claro & Cía, is lauded for his prowess in Chilean mining legal matters. His skills and leadership in the mining practice are highly appreciated by both peers and clients.

Sergio Orrego

Sergio Orrego, Partner at Urenda, Rencoret, Orrego & Dörr, receives commendation for his work in Chile’s mining sector. Possessing commendable commerce awareness, Sergio is highly valued for his long-standing relationship with his clients.

Juan Luis Ossa

Juan Luis Ossa of Ossa, Bulnes & Asociados is noted for his significant work in the Chilean mining market. His extensive knowledge and capabilities in the field have made him a reference point in the mining market.

Pablo Mir

Pablo Mir, the founding partner at Bofill Mir Abogados, is known for his noteworthy presence in the Chilean mining market. He has garnered immense praise and recognition for steering successful commercial negotiations.

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Juan Paulo Bambach

Juan Paulo Bambach, the Partner and co-head of the department at Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría, flaunts an impeccable track record in the Chilean mining industry. Labelled as an expert, Juan Paulo, with his high commercial awareness, has set a benchmark in the industry.

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