Unmasking Israel’s Top 10 Influential White-Collar Crime Lawyers in 2023

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White-collar crime is a type of non-violent crime that’s committed by individuals or organizations in business settings. The term encompasses a wide range of criminal acts such as fraud, bribery, and insider trading. The implications of these crimes can be far-reaching and devastating, hence the need for astute legal counsel. In Israel, there are several celebrated lawyers renowned for their expertise in white-collar crime. They represent clients in high-stakes cases involving public authorities, multinational corporations, and high-profile individuals. Here’s an overview of some of these lawyers in Israel.

In a country blessed with a robust legal industry, these lawyers have distinguished themselves through their unique ability to navigate the complex waters of white-collar crime. Among other unique qualities, they are known for their commitment to clients, an in-depth understanding of both local and international laws, as well as their vast knowledge of both civil and criminal law, among other areas.

Whether they’re needed to offer legal advice, represent clients in court, or provide support outside of court, these lawyers have consistently delivered outstanding results. Additionally, although some don’t have firm websites, their reputation in the industry speaks for itself. Here’s a closer look.

Zvi Gabbay

Based in Tel Aviv, Zvi Gabbay is the head of the white-collar crime department at Barnea Jaffa Lande & Co.. He has a significant reputation for handling white-collar crime, securities, data breach and extradition matters.

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Yaron Kosteliz

Yaron Kosteliz, based in Bnei Brak, is a crucial part of Kosteliz & Co., Law Office. He is known for his varied practice in white-collar crime, including cases involving breach of fiduciary duties and defamation claims.

Ravit Zemach

An adept lawyer based in Tel Aviv, Ravit Zemach of Ravit Zemach, Law Office is particularly commended for her outstanding abilities in supporting clients outside of court. Her notable understanding of both civil and criminal law has seen her represent public authorities in intricate matters.

Giora Adereth

Giora Adereth of Giora Adereth Law Office has a wide range of clientele thanks to his versatility in handling mandates related to tax, fraud, and bribery, giving him a highly distinguished reputation.

Navit Negev

Hailing from the Sheinman Negev Niv Law Offices, Navit Negev is a prominent and highly accomplished attorney. Her mastery in securities fraud and bribery work often sets her apart.

Ruth Litvak

Ruth Litvak is a seasoned lawyer from Iny Litvak Lazar & Co. Based in Ramat Gan, she often grapples with white-collar crime offences concerning antitrust and competition disputes.

Sharon Klainman

Sharon Klainman, a co-founder of Klaiman Naor & Co., regularly represents political figures in white-collar crime matters. Her Ramat Gan base adds to her appeal.

Boaz Ben Zur

With a strong reputation in the market for his practice in white-collar crime including extradition, Boaz Ben Zur of Boaz Ben Zur & Co. is often retained for high-profile cases. He is based in Tel Aviv.

Dror Matatyahu

Dror Matatyahu of FISCHER (FBC & Co.) is a highly reputable attorney who’s based in Tel Aviv. As the head of FISCHER’s white-collar crime practice, he brings strong expertise in a range of bribery claims, including voter, witness and corporate bribery offences.

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Nati Simchony

Nati Simchony, the founding partner of Nati Simchony & Co., is based in Tel Aviv. He offers notable strengths in white-collar criminal defence matters.

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