Top 10 Trailblazing Plaintiff Employment Lawyers in Ireland – 2023 Insights

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The landscape of employment law in Ireland is continually evolving, with significant legal decisions and legislative amendments impacting employers and employees alike. On the frontline of these changes are attorneys specialising in Employment law, primarily representing plaintiffs. Their role is key to ensuring that the rights of employees are protected and effectively enforced against alleged employer mistreatment and abuses. This article takes a closer look at the top plaintiff-side employment lawyers in Ireland, their career highlights, expertise, and their contribution to this dynamic and ever-changing area of law.

These professionals are dedicated to ensuring justice for their clients, whether it’s wrongful termination, unfair treatment, or discrimination in the workplace. Their work serves not only to defend individuals but also to uphold the fairness and integrity of work environments across Ireland.

Providing insight into their successful career path, experience, and notable cases, this article presents an overview of each of the lawyers and their firms. Wherever available, we have provided links to the firm’s website.

Anne O’Connell

Anne O’Connell is the prominent force behind Anne O’Connell Solicitors. Known for her activity in contentious cases launched on behalf of employees, O’Connell has become a substantial voice for plaintiff representation in the employment law sector in Ireland.

Donal Spring

Donal Spring of Daniel Spring & Co continues to receive praise for his standout representation on the plaintiff side of employment disputes. While not maintaining a firm website, Spring prioritises his clients, with his expertise sought extensively by senior executives advising on terminations and restrictive covenants in employment contracts.

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Ciarán Ahern

Ciarán Ahern, member of McInnes Dunne Murphy LLP, receives strong recommendations from the market. Known specifically for his expertise in handling employment-related litigation proceedings, particularly on the side of the plaintiff, Ahern’s reputation continues to grow.

Ciarán O’Mara

Ciarán O’Mara of O’Mara Geraghty McCourt is widely recognised for his plaintiff-side work in the employment sector. O’Mara shows a high level of skill in handling both employment and equality law disputes, making him a key player in this field.

John Dunne

John Dunne is seen as a key figure in the employment field. Sources note his extensive experience in plaintiff-side mediation and disputes, enhancing his ranking within McInnes Dunne Murphy LLP.

Peter Murphy

Also within McInnes Dunne Murphy LLP, Peter Murphy is acknowledged for his extensive capabilities covering both contentious and non-contentious matters. He stands out particularly for his work in plaintiff-side matters.

Áine Curran

At O’Mara Geraghty McCourt, Aine Curran assists clients with various issues, including grievances, disciplinary processes, unfair dismissals, and discrimination claims. Her work is especially distinguished by her plaintiff-side representations.

Colleen Cleary

Colleen Cleary is the founding partner of CC Solicitors and is known for her work on the plaintiff side of employment disputes. She is also recognised for her former role as the head of the Employment Law Association of Ireland and handling of internal investigations and trade union matters.

Peter McInnes

Peter McInnes continues to make his mark in the employment market. As a member of McInnes Dunne Murphy LLP, he brings extensive experience in plaintiff-side litigation and is well known for providing advice to senior executives on unfair dismissal and discrimination cases.

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Aileen Fleming

Aileen Fleming, a part of Daniel Spring & Co, is a highly respected lawyer in the employment field. With her ample experience handling plaintiff-side mandates, Fleming continues to prove her worth in handling employment and equality law cases.

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