Top 10 Trailblazing Plaintiff Employment Lawyers in Missouri for 2023

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In the great state of Missouri, there are quite a few attorneys who have committed their practice to labor and employment law. Defending employees’ rights and advocating for fair workplaces, these lawyers are known to be leaders in their field. The laws are complex, often involving acts of discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination. Each attorney brings their own unique skill sets, experience, and personality to the field. Let’s delve into some of the standout litigators in this vitally important area of law.

Each of these attorneys is involved in trial work and employment litigation, standing up for their primarily plaintiff clientele. They have been recognized by their peers for their exceptional skills and knowledge in handling labor and employment law issues. Generally, they handle cases involving wrongful termination, retaliation, unpaid wages, and different types of discrimination including gender, race, age, religion, and disability.

Due to the complex nature of this area of law, the representation of an experienced attorney can make a significant difference in an employee’s case. Whether it’s negotiating a favorable settlement or fervently arguing a case in court, the lawyers mentioned below have repeatedly proven themselves to be staunch advocates for their clients. Without further ado, let’s explore these prominent Missouri attorneys.

Gene Graham

Gene Graham, an esteemed attorney based in Independence, Missouri, frequently represents plaintiffs in employment litigation. He is highly revered for his knowledge of employment law and known by his peers as an excellent trial lawyer. Currently, he is affiliated with White Graham Buckley Carr.

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Dennis E Egan

Dennis Egan is a highly regarded for his representation of plaintiffs in employment litigation, which includes discrimination cases. Based in Kansas City, he practices at The Popham Law Firm PC. His peers recognize him as a very good trial attorney.

Benjamin Westhoff

Another reputed attorney based in Missouri is Benjamin Westhoff, who exhibits adeptness in handling various matters on behalf of plaintiffs, including discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination cases. He is currently affiliated with Sedey Harper Westhoff PC and is esteemed for being a great lawyer.

Jerome Dobson

Working with Dobson Goldberg Berns & Rich LLP, Jerome Dobson is an accomplished litigator with vast experience across different employment matters.

Russ Riggan

Russ Riggan of the Riggan Law Firm LLC, has a successful record in court representing employees in a wide range of employment disputes. He specializes in significant discrimination and retaliation cases, as well as wage and hour class actions.

Donna Harper

Donna Harper, currently affiliated with Sedey Harper Westhoff PC, exhibits deep and vast experience in employment law. She regularly acts for employees in discrimination and retaliation cases, drawing from her experience working over 25 years for the EEOC.

Martin Meyers

Martin Meyers, affiliated with The Meyers Law Firm LC, is a highly respected attorney in Kansas City, who specializes in representing plaintiffs. His expertise extends to employment cases as a part of his broader trial practice, and he is revered as a skilled trial lawyer who knows how to take a good cross-examination.

Kirk Holman

Kirk Holman is venerated for being a strong advocate for plaintiffs on a wide range of employment law matters. He is affiliated with Holman Schiavone LLC, and peers appreciate him for being highly strategic and unafraid to go to trial.

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Anne Schiavone

Rounding off this highly esteemed list is Anne Schiavone, who receives high regards for her work on the plaintiff side of complex labor and employment disputes. She showcases her skills in trial with aplomb, currently practicing at Holman Schiavone LLC.

Mary Anne Sedey

Known as an artist in the courtroom, Mary Anne Sedey has a strong track record of representing plaintiffs and has handled numerous high-profile discrimination and retaliation cases. “She is one of the best lawyers in the trial space” says her peers. She practices at Sedey Harper Westhoff PC.

In conclusion, these are some of the leading labor and employment attorneys in the state of Missouri. Their dedication to their clients and comprehensive knowledge of the ins and outs of labor law is evident from their successful track records and the respect they command among their peers.

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