Top 10 Influential General Business Law Lawyers in Guam 2023

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On the far-flung Pacific island of Guam, a dynamic legal landscape is striving to maintain the balance between rapid economic development and time-honored cultural traditions. As the crossroads of the Pacific, Guam offers unique legal challenges and opportunities. Practitioners in the “General Business Law” sector play a critical role in shaping Guam’s economic future. This article highlights ten such lawyers who have left a substantial mark in their industry and have been recognized for their proficiency in handling both contentious and transactional matters.

These lawyers primarily focus on facilitating business operations, resolve disputes, and advise on regulatory compliance. Their clientele ranges from local enterprises to international corporations seeking to invest in Guam’s burgeoning economy. They have the critical task of navigating the unique intersection of U.S. federal law, Guam territorial law, and international business norms.

With services spanning across various sectors such as real estate, insurance, construction, and employment disputes, these individuals have distinguished themselves through years of dedicated practice and client satisfaction. Read on to learn more about these distinguished professionals.

Michael J. Berman

A seasoned professional, Michael J. Berman stands his ground in transactional work and litigation. Based at Berman O’Connor & Mann, he has been serving clients in Guam, Micronesia, Hawaii, and the mainland USA, providing counsel and representing a wide range of business clients with diligence and skill.

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Anita P. Arriola

At Arriola, Cowan and Arriola, Anita P. Arriola, best known for her prowess in handling dispute resolution matters, has managed to garner a strong reputation within the market. Although her firm does not maintain an online presence, Arriola’s formidable client service and industry knowledge is well recognized across industries.

Eduardo Calvo

Eduardo Calvo’s name is oft-repeated in discussions of contentious and transactional matters. A partner at Calvo, Fisher & Jacob, his counsel has proven to be invaluable for local and international clients on a variety of matters, including construction and real estate development, as well as significant litigation proceedings.

Michael Pangelinan

Another prominent figure at Calvo, Fisher & Jacob, Michael Pangelinan is particularly renowned for handling transactional matters in the real estate sector. His advisory role in hotel and commercial property developments in Guam has had a palpable impact in shaping the island’s real estate landscape.

Jehan Martinez

Jehan Martinez from Blair Sterling Johnson & Martinez P.C. is a highly rated litigator with a impressive array of experience in insurance defence mandates and maritime law. He also lends his expertise in other areas like Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and trade mark and copyright matters.

Tim Roberts

Amassing an impressive 35 years of experience, Tim Roberts of Roberts Fowler & Visosky LLP is commended for his ability to handle insurance defence litigation. His formidable expertise extends to advising clients on probate and real estate matters.

Thomas Sterling

Another veteran practitioner from Blair Sterling Johnson & Martinez P.C., Thomas Sterling, has established a stronghold on construction disputes and insurance defence facilitation.

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Ladd Baumann

With over 40 years of experience in Guam’s legal market, Ladd Baumann of Baumann Kondas & Xu has carved out a niche for himself in the realm of immigration law, assisting individuals and businesses to navigate the complex legal processes.

Patrick Civille

Patrick Civille of Civille & Tang is best known for his litigation work. His vast expertise and vast experience make him a trusted advisor in insurance, construction and employment disputes, among others.

Donald Calvo

Donald Calvo based in Camacho Calvo Law Group LLC has been highly commended for his handling of M&A, banking, real estate and energy sector transactions. He is celebrated for facilitating big-ticket deals, particularly in real estate financing.

In conclusion, Guam’s dynamic business environment and unique cultural and geographical context demand a breed of legal professionals versatile, adaptable, and well-versed in a variety of practices. The names listed here have not only met this demand but have excelled in it, fulfilling critical roles in shaping Guam’s economic landscape.

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