Top 10 Influential London Bar Arbitration Lawyers Poised for Impact in 2023

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Business disputes both within and across borders continue to rise, and with this comes an increasing need for the services whcih International Arbitration Lawyers provide, as they offer a more efficient and independent resolution process. With London enjoying a heightened position as an international arbitration space, the demand for experienced and expert arbitrators is on the rise. This article presents ten London-based lawyers renowned for their work in international arbitration.

International arbitration is a form of dispute resolution where parties agree to settle their differences through an impartial arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators instead of going through a court process. The dispute can be between two businesses, a business and a government, or two governments. Arbitration can be more cost-effective and quicker than traditional litigation, and the decision of the arbitrator is usually binding and enforceable internationally.

This method of dispute resolution has been widely adopted in various industries including energy, construction, insurance and reinsurance, shipping, and manufacturing. The lawyers mentioned in this article demonstrate years of industry expertise, strategic skills and an impressive track record in successful dispute resolution. With each specialist, you’ll find a brief bio covering their experience and focus areas.

David Owen KC

David Owen KC of Twenty Essex has vast experience in the market; he acts as both an arbitrator and mediator and focuses his practice on commercial disputes. He demonstrates his ability to act as sole arbitrator as well as chair. David handles proceedings under LCIA, ICC and LMAA rules and also provides counsel on ad hoc issues. His area of expertise lies in disputes stemming from the energy and manufacturing sectors.

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Kim Franklin KC

Kim Franklin KC of Crown Office Chambers is well-regarded for her expertise in complex international disputes involving engineering and infrastructure projects. Kim has taken part in ICC and ADCCAC arbitrations in the UK and in the UAE and the Gulf. She has recently been appointed as chair, sole arbitrator and party-appointed arbitrator in a range of cases.

Stephen Furst KC

Stephen Furst KC of Keating Chambers is widely praised for his expertise in highly complex disputes concerning the oil and gas and construction industries, as well as computer software and hardware. He has accepted appointments in a range of jurisdictions, from Qatar to Western Australia to Madagascar. Stephen is frequently appointed as chair of the tribunal.

Colin Edelman KC

Colin Edelman KC of Devereux Chambers is an insurance specialist who garners praise for his strength both as an advocate and arbitrator. Colin continues to be involved in insurance and reinsurance disputes and is noted for handling international matters.

Christopher Symons KC

Christopher Symons KC of 3 Verulam Buildings is considered an expert in insurance and reinsurance disputes. He is also recommended for construction, telecommunications, shipping, pharmaceuticals and commodities arbitrations. Christopher acts as chair and co-arbitrator in cases under the auspices of the ICC, the LCIA and UNCITRAL.

Bernard Eder KC

Bernard Eder KC of Arbitrators at 24 Lincoln’s Inn Fields is renowned for his work in commercial arbitration. Bernard frequently presides over matters under ICC, LCIA and LMAA rules. His experience spans disputes relating to construction, oil and shipping.

Richard Harding KC

Richard Harding KC of Keating Chambers is a multilingual advocate representing a diverse array of clients which include governments, professionals, private employers and contractors in construction and engineering disputes. Richard has handled matters under LCIA and DIAC rules and has had significant experience with cases involving various Middle Eastern laws.

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Bernard Rix KC

Bernard Rix KC of Twenty Essex is a former Court of Appeal judge with in-depth commercial law expertise. Bernard is experienced in acting as an arbitrator in proceedings concerning a wide range of commercial issues including banking and finance, energy and natural resources, and insurance and reinsurance.

Andrew Bartlett KC

Andrew Bartlett KC of Crown Office Chambers has longstanding experience in acting as an arbitrator in various disputes including those relating to the engineering and construction sectors and insurance. Andrew has sat on arbitration panels in many parts of the world and has a deep understanding of the rules of numerous international arbitral institutions such as the ICC, SIAC and DIAC.

Marcus Taverner KC

Marcus Taverner KC of Keating Chambers is a full-time arbitrator and adjudicator. Marcus has extensive knowledge of construction and engineering matters and experience of arbitrating complex and high-value disputes, including under LCIA, SIAC and ICC rules.

These lawyers’ wealth of experience with complex and challenging cases has positioned them at the top of the international arbitration community. Their successful track record and wholehearted dedication to their clients is a testament to their professional excellence and commitment.

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