Top 10 Startups & Emerging Companies Lawyers Transforming Singapore in 2023

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Legal assistance is a critical support for startups and emerging companies in their journey from nascent concepts to full-fledged businesses. The intricate laws, regulations, and the multitude of legal obstacles can appear daunting to these young firms. In Singapore, a plethora of proficient and astute lawyers are playing a pivotal part in catalyzing the success of these entities. In this editorial, we showcase some of the noteworthy Startup & Emerging Companies lawyers in Singapore who have been instrumental in the growth of their client organizations.

The complexities of the legal landscape can be bewildering, with multifaceted challenges at commonly trod inflection points like fundraising rounds, early-stage financings, and cross-border investments. Equipped with in-depth knowledge and experience, these lawyers have adeptly navigated through intricate legal hurdles, empowering startups and emerging companies to conquer the market challenges. Let’s take a closer look at these influential individuals and the value they bring to their client firms.

The unique blend of legal acumen, industry knowledge, and relationship management capabilities have enabled these lawyers to make significant contributions to the startup ecosystem in Singapore. Their nuanced and business-savvy legal perspectives have earned them commendable accolades from their clients and industry peers alike.

Tao Koon Chiam: Ashurst

Ashurst‘s Chiam Tao Koon is a seasoned professional with a rich experience in handling investment and early-stage financings for VC funds and startups. Operating out of Singapore, his prowess in the Startups, and Emerging Companies industry has earned him a noteworthy reputation.

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Sivi Sivanesan: Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP

Spearheading Dentons Rodyk & Davidson’s corporate practice department in Singapore is Sivi Sivanesan. Best known for his work on cross-border VC investment and financing issue, Sivanesan is adept at advising fund managers, VC funds, founders, and startups.

Sze-Hui Goh: GT Law LLC

As the managing partner of GT Law, Goh Sze-Hui has showcased notable skills at advising startups and venture capital funds on early and late-stage investments in the budding Startups & Emerging Companies sphere in Singapore. Unfortunately, we couldn’t provide GT Law’s website as it is not available.

Keith Oh: Quahe Woo & Palmer LLC

Working at Quahe Woo & Palmer in Singapore, Keith Oh is an associate director known for his expertise in advising startups and emerging companies in various growth sectors on their early-stage fundraising rounds, particularly seed funding.

Wan Hong Chan: FC Legal Asia LLC

Chan Wan Hong, the director at Atlas Asia Law and located in Singapore, has been lauded for his startup practice. He regularly advises startups, emerging companies, and funds on fundraising exercises. Unfortunately, we could not provide a link to any firm website.

Tom Jokelson: Allen & Overy

Tom Jokelson of Allen & Overy, based in Singapore, has proven expertise in venture capital, M&A, focusing on clients including startups and investors in the Startups & Emerging Companies industry.

Terence Quek: Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP‘s Terence Quek is an up-and-coming lawyer, with ample experience in handling investment and financing mandates for investors and emerging companies.

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Joshua Tan: JT Legal LLC

Joshua Tan, managing director of JT Legal in Singapore, has experience strategically advising startups and SMEs on early-stage fundraising rounds, particularly pre-Series A. He handles deals in various sectors such as technology and life sciences. Currently, we are unable to provide a link to JT Legal LLC’s website.

Ferish Patel: Cooley LLP

Ferish Patel is proficient in various startup matters from seed and late-stage financings to M&A and IPOs in Singapore. He also excels at acting for high-growth startups in India on financing matters. However, we can’t provide a link to Cooley LLP’s website as it isn’t available.

Erwan Barre: RHTLaw Asia LLP

Based in Singapore, Erwan Barre co-leads RHTLaw Asia’s corporate and capital markets practice. With a history of practising in Paris and New York, Barre is experienced in advising investors and startups on cross-border investments. His rich and varied client base includes startups and multinational corporations. Regrettably, we couldn’t provide the website link for RHTLaw Asia LLP.

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