Ranking Top 10 Most Influential General Business Law Lawyers in Uzbekistan 2023

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In recent times, Uzbekistan has risen as a hotspot for international business, particularly in sectors such as energy, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. Its strategic location along the Silk Road economic belt and its rich natural resources make it an attractive destination for businesses. To help navigate the complex legal landscape in the country, a number of experienced General Business Law lawyers have emerged, establishing their presence in the industry. Here, we highlight some notable lawyers from various law firms in Uzbekistan, known for their diverse expertise and significant experience.

These professionals provide high-value advice on project financing transactions, cross-border investments, loan agreements, and market entry strategies. Their in-depth knowledge of both domestic and international law, along with their practical experience, allows them to offer tailored solutions that align with the complex requirements of companies across various industries. They also play an instrumental role in fostering investment in Uzbekistan by providing crucial legal assistance on various business matters.

Without further ado, let’s explore the professional journey and expertise of some renowned general business law lawyers in Uzbekistan.

Nizomiddin Shakhabutdinov

With an exemplary track record in high-value project financing transactions, Nizomiddin Shakhabutdinov of Leges Advokat is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of general business law in Uzbekistan. His adeptness at handling cross-border investments and loan agreements set him apart in the industry.

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Ilkhom Azizov

Ilkhom Azizov, from Azizov & Partners, is famed for his comprehensive guidance on project finance matters. He has a unique knack for assisting clients with strategies for entering the promising Uzbek market.

Aziz Aripdjanov

Another asset of Azizov & Partners, Aziz Aripdjanov, is renowned for his proficiency in project finance matters, especially for clients in the pharmaceutical and energy sectors.

Shukhrat Yunusov

Shukhrat Yunusov, a zealous partner at Dentons, regularly advises clients on project finance transactions as well as cross-border corporate finance matters.

Ulugbek Abdullaev

Ulugbek Abdullaev, from Dentons, has leveraged his vast experience to offer invaluable advice to international clients operating in Uzbekistan. His focus largely revolves around renewable energy and infrastructure projects.

Atabek Sharipov

Atabek Sharipov, a partner at GRATA International, has carved a niche in cross-border finance transactions. He is also proficient in energy, banking, and corporate matters.

Zafar Malikov

Zafar Malikov of CENTIL, despite the firm not having an official website, possesses in-depth experience in advising on the tax and corporate law aspects of cross-border investments involving Uzbekistan.

Eldor Mannopov

Eldor Mannopov, managing partner at Dentons in Uzbekistan, is highly sought-after for his role in cross-border investments. He also assists international clients with the establishment of their Uzbek operations in sectors such as real estate, infrastructure, and energy.

Azamat Fayzullaev

At Leges Advokat, Azamat Fayzullaev has established a reputation for his extensive experience in handling various corporate and project finance transactions. He is also adept at assisting international clients with joint ventures in Uzbekistan.

Azizbek Akhmadjonov

Working with Kosta Legal, Azizbek Akhmadjonov serves clients across various sectors like agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and energy. His skills include handling construction matters and assisting with the setup of joint ventures.

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In conclusion, from project financing to cross-border investments, these lawyers in Uzbekistan are enabling companies to navigate the legal intricacies of running businesses smoothly in the country. Their expertise is advancing the global business dynamic in Uzbekistan, making it an attractive market for international investors.

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