Top 10 Prominent Antitrust Legal Wizards of Bulgaria in 2023

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In the realm of business and trade practices, the importance of competent Competition/Antitrust lawyers cannot be overemphasized. They play pivotal roles in guiding business entities through the intricate labyrinth of regulatory and best practices dictating competition in different industries. In Bulgaria, a number of lawyers have distinguished themselves through their astute understanding and practice of Competition law. This article showcases some of these trailblazing legal practitioners, detailing their firms and their areas of expertise within the industry.

Competition law in Bulgaria, just like in any other country, ensures that businesses compete on an even playing field, uninhibited by unfair trade practices. Lawyers specializing in Antitrust law represent clients in matters concerning competition compliance, merger clearance mandates, and antitrust investigations. Their services are crucial in maintaining business competitiveness while also protecting consumer interests. These heaps of information are continuations of the journey we want to share with our readers, as we shed light on the experts at the helm of Competition/Antitrust law in Bulgaria.

With no further ado, let us dive into the profiles of our distinguished lawyers.

Dessislava Iordanova

Dessislava Iordanova is a rising star representing Djingov, Gouginski, Kyutchukov & Velichkov, a distinguished law firm based in Bulgaria. Her expertise spread in areas such as competition compliance matters and the antitrust aspects of distribution agreements. Moreover, she has proven capability in assisting with merger control filings.

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Mariya Papazova

Well versed in unfair competition cases and behavioural investigations, Mariya Papazova provides excellent support to each of her clients. She is currently associated with the PPG Lawyers firm, providing her services across Bulgaria.

Donka Stoyanova

Known for her stellar work in competition litigation, Donka Stoyanova has become a reputable addition to Dimitrov, Petrov & Co.. Her expertise often finds her representing clients before the Bulgarian Competition Authority, especially in investigations concerning possible abuses of dominance or cartel involvement.

Nevena Radlova

Working with the CMS law firm, Nevena Radlova assists with merger control and compliance matters, often for industry associations or on vertical agreements.

Peter Petrov

At Boyanov & Co., Peter Petrov’s impressive activity on merger clearance mandates has set him apart in the industry. He is also renowned for his behavioral practice, particularly in representing clients in abuse of dominance cases.

Boriana Chotekova

Associated with Andrey Delchev and Partners – Eurolex Bulgaria, Boriana Chotekova assists clients with competition compliance matters and represents them in antitrust investigations.

Eleonora Mateina

Eleonora Mateina is an expert in competition compliance issues and merger clearance mandates. She is the head of competition, pharmaceutical and life science division at Tsvetkova Bebov & Partners.

Plamen Yotov

Skilled in handling merger control mandates for private equity companies and corporate clients, Plamen Yotov is an integral part of the Kambourov & Partners law firm.

Galina Petkova

From working on regulatory matters to handling merger control instructions, Galina Petkova offers a wide array of competencies. Currently, she is part of the legal team at Schoenherr.

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Nikolai T Gouginski

Nikolai Gouginski of Djingov, Gouginski, Kyutchukov & Velichkov is well placed for advising both borrowers and lenders on financing transactions. His expertise extends to the restructuring of financial agreements, bringing niche knowledge into the landscape of Competition/Antitrust law in Bulgaria.

In conclusion, these lawyers embody the spirit of tenacity, insight, and dedication in shaping the Competition/Antitrust law landscape in Bulgaria. Their services are invaluable to the entities they represent, and their contributions are vital in maintaining a balanced and fair business environment in their respective jurisdictions.

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