Top 10 Pioneering Environment Lawyers Shaping Swedish Policies in 2023

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Highlighting Influential Environmental Lawyers in Sweden

Sweden has made significant strides in promoting sustainable development and environmental stewardship, efforts that have not gone unnoticed across the globe. Integral to this success are environmental lawyers who uphold, shape, and navigate the country’s legislative landscape concerning environmental policy, protection, and sustainable development. This article presents a number of leading environmental lawyers within Sweden’s various prestigious law firms.

These lawyers specialise in diverse fields: from handling regulatory disputes, advising on infrastructural development, assisting in permit applications to engaging in conservation projects. Their clientele includes public bodies, private sector organisations – notably from the energy, mining, and construction industries – and, occasionally, individual clients. In so doing, they contribute immensely to the protectin of Sweden’s environmental heritage.

Here are some of the influential environmental lawyers in Sweden:

Tove Andersson

Setterwalls boasts of one of the industry’s highly sought-after lawyers, Tove Andersson. She is esteemed for her expertise in environmental regulations, disputes, and permitting issues. Andersson also advises on energy sector transactions, a testament to her versatility and rich knowledge in the field.

Erica Nobel

Erica Nobel, based at Delphi, specialises in environmental permitting issues in relation to ports, harbours, and housing. Her keen understanding of the intricate balance between infrastructural development and sustainable environmental practices make her an invaluable asset.

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Per Molander

Hailing from Mannheimer Swartling, Per Molander is esteemed for his extensive experience in environmental law. His specialty is in permit processes, with a focus on clients in the energy and mining industry-an area where environmental sustainability is of particular concern.

Magnus Fröberg

Working at Fröberg & Lundholm Advokatbyrå, Magnus Fröberg is recognised for his mastery of environmental law. His prowess encompasses regulatory advice and conservation projects, signifying his commitment to both the implementation and preservation aspects of environmental law.

Anders Linnerborg

At Setterwalls, Anders Linnerborg maintains a diverse caseload, including permit applications and remediation projects. His client base cuts across the energy, mining, and construction sectors.

Mikael Hägglöf

Mikael Hägglöf, of Fröberg & Lundholm Advokatbyrå, is experienced in maritime protection law. His role is crucial to preserving Sweden’s marine biodiversity and natural heritage.

Agnes Larfeldt

Agnes Larfeldt, despite her firm not having a website, is widely renowned. She acts for public bodies and companies in the energy and construction sectors. Larfeldt is admired for her expertise on water-related environmental topics, including hydropower stations and water protection projects.

Mikael Berglund

Another standout lawyer from Fröberg & Lundholm Advokatbyrå is Mikael Berglund. He assists clients with contentious environmental matters and regulatory questions, showcasing his versatility and tenacity.

Linnea Ljung

Linnea Ljung, based at Setterwalls Advokatbyrå, earns praise for her wide-ranging experience in environmental matters. Her repertoire includes permit proceedings and contaminated land issues, underscoring her exhaustive grasp of environmental law.

Christian Härdgård

Christian Härdgård, of Delphi, routinely advises clients on permit applications, remediation of land contamination, and waste management. These fields are crucial to managing environmental risks and ensuring that businesses operate sustainably.

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In conclusion, the work of these environmental lawyers is invaluable to Sweden’s commendable environmental record. Their expertise, commitment and innovation are key drivers in navigating through the intricate legal landscape that is environmental law, thus ensuring that Sweden’s natural heritage is preserved for the future generations.

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