Top 10 Powerhouse Real Estate Lawyers Shaping Peru’s Property Market in 2023

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Peru’s real estate market has been growing dynamically over the past few years. This trend, coupled with the country’s strong economic performance, has led to increased demand for qualified and experienced lawyers specializing in real estate. This has, in turn, given rise to a host of accomplished real estate lawyers who’ve carved out a niche in this rapidly evolving field. The following are some of the most distinguished lawyers in this area:

Each of these professionals brings a deep understanding of both the legal and commercial aspects of real estate in Peru. Aside from their legal acumen in the field, they bring a comprehensive understanding of the Peruvian real estate market and its quirks. Their clients hail from different real estate sectors including residential, commercial, and industrial. Some also serve as legal consultants to governmental bodies on real estate matters, further underscoring their deep expertise and standing in the industry.

It should also be noted that these professionals operate in a particularly complex field of law. Real estate in Peru is characterized by a multitude of overlapping frameworks at the national, regional and urban levels. As a result, real estate lawyers have to navigate a variety of issues ranging from land acquisition and financing to project development and dispute resolution.

Laura Francia

Laura Francia is a highly rated associate at Estudio Echecopar – Member Firm of Baker McKenzie International. She is renowned for her comprehensive grasp of real estate law, having earned plaudits from clients for her proactive and technically sound advice.

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Jaime Miranda Gómez

Jaime Miranda Gómez, a partner at Amprimo, Flury, Barboza & Rodríguez Abogados, is known for his impressive arbitration practice. He is an analytical mind who pays great attention to detail and covers all possible angles when advising clients.

Guillermo García Montúfar

Guillermo García Montúfar of Estudio De la Flor, García Montufar Arata & Asociados Abogados has a long-established presence in the real estate sector. His sage advice, guidance, and legal acumen have garnered him high esteem in the market.

Daniel Corzo

Active in the Peruvian real estate scene, Daniel Corzo of Miranda & Amado Abogados is cited extensively for his capabilities as a real estate lawyer.

Eduardo Barboza

Rivaled by few in the field of real estate law, Eduardo Barboza of Amprimo, Flury, Barboza & Rodríguez Abogados is renowned for his timely and highly responsible approach to his practice.

Carlos Carpio

Carlos Carpio is a revered partner at Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados celebrated for his strategic mindset and holistic vision of the Peruvian real estate market.

Hugo Sarria

Clients commend Hugo Sarria of Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados for his broad expertise in municipal matters related to real estate transactions and his distinguished professionalism.

Ramón Chehade Herrera

Ramón Chehade Herrera of Chehade Abogados & Consultores is known for his active role in the sector and his adeptness at advising on the development of urban real estate projects.

Claudio Berastain Quevedo

Claudio Berastain Quevedo of Estudio De la Flor, García Montufar Arata & Asociados Abogados is praised for his understanding of client needs and his ability to provide suitable legal solutions with a high level of specification.

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Jorge Reátegui

A partner at Hernández & Cía., Jorge Reátegui is highly respected for his excellent negotiation skills and inventive strategy in dealing with complex real estate mandates.

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