Top 10 Influential Upstate New York Real Estate Lawyers in 2023

2 mins read did thorough research to find the most interesting real estate lawyers within New York’s upstate region. All of the lawyers examined have vast experience within the real estate industry and are recognized for their profound work. They’ve assisted clients with a wide range of issues, such as acquisitions, dispositions, financings, leasings, and more. Let’s meet these hardworking professionals who are shaping the real estate law industry in the upstate region of New York.

The expertise among these talented individuals spans various industries including public and private companies, financial institutions, REITs, utilities, health, manufacturing, retail, and more. Their meticulous approach, rich industry knowledge, and exceptional legal skills have helped them achieve remarkable success in their individual areas of practice. So, without further ado, here are the respected lawyers you should know about.

It’s important to note that all the lawyers mentioned are not just experts in their profession but also stand out in their dedication to their clients, their inventive approach to solving problems, and their ability to handle complex transactions with full competence. They have united law and business in the most effective way possible, creating a powerful synergy that is evident in their services.

John A. Anderson

John A Anderson from Harter Secrest & Emery LLP, is a highly regarded lawyer with extensive knowledge in acquisitions, leasings, and financings. Known for his collaboration and strong deal-making skills, John’s portfolio includes advising both public and private companies, financial institutions and REITs. His tactical approach and reasonability are truly admirable.

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Paul Wells

Paul Wells from Lippes Mathias LLP, is an experienced lawyer in the acquisition, sale, financing and leasing of commercial real estate. He has worked across a diverse array of property types, including offices, hotels, and retail facilities, earning him a reputation for his broad skills.

Blaine Schwartz

Also from Lippes Mathias LLP, Blaine Schwartz is considered a go-to by both buyers and sellers of real estate. His expertise covers complex financing issues and the structuring and negotiation of large, multiproperty transactions, making him an exceptional asset for his clientele.

Bruce Baker

Bruce Baker of Nixon Peabody LLP, is celebrated for his advisory role in real estate and construction matters. He frequently assists clients in the financing and development of projects, especially in the utilities, health and manufacturing sectors.

Amy Fitch

Amy Fitch from Hodgson Russ LLP, is recognised for her wide-ranging expertise in real estate matters. She specialises in the acquisition, disposition and development of commercial properties, making her a trusted name in complex financings.

Mitchell Nusbaum

Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP’s lawyer, Mitchell Nusbaum, is known for advising developers on real estate transactions both locally and nationwide. He also regularly assists tenants with commercial leasing transactions, demonstrating his versatility in the field.

Lori Bowman

Another expert from Nixon Peabody LLP, Lori Bowman, covers a broad area in real estate practice, advising lenders and developers on diverse facets related to construction and financing of projects.

Patrick Quigley

Patrick Quigley of Harter Secrest & Emery LLP, is highly respected in transactional real estate law, providing advice to clients on purchase, leasing and financing of assets including condominiums and retail facilities.

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Adam S. Walters

Adam S Walters from Phillips Lytle LLP, stands out for his representation of developers in zoning, land use and environmental aspects of major projects. His excellent strategic thinking and collaborative nature have earned him high praises from clients.

Timothy Fitzgerald

Finally, Timothy Fitzgerald from Harris Beach PLLC, whose depth of experience in development and financing of various real estate projects, including offices, healthcare institutions, and retail spaces, is essential. Not having a firm website has in no way overshadowed his practical aid in acquisitions and dispositions.

In conclusion, all of these experienced lawyers offer unparalleled legal services in the real estate sector. They represent the best of what the Upstate New York legal community has to offer in this industry.

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