Top 10 Powerhouse Lawyers Shaping China’s International Trade Landscape in 2023

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With a fast-paced and ever-changing international trade environment, many Chinese companies are finding value in the expertise of a legal professional who specializes in trade law and World Trade Organization (WTO) matters. These lawyers are astutely versed in representing and defending clients in investigations and disputes, providing valuable guidance in international trade agreement negotiations, and offering proficient assistance in trade remedy matters. In this article, we shine our spotlight on some of the grandmasters of International Trade and WTO law in China.

These professionals have noteworthy capabilities in addressing legal matters on the global platform, assisting government bodies, and representing clients in matters involving various industries and markets around the globe. Their finesse in maneuvering complex trade laws, as well as their relevant representation in the courtroom, elevates them to the forefront of their field. Let’s explore these experts in more details below.

What makes these individuals exceptionally intriguing is the magnitude of their understanding of international trade and WTO matters, coupled with their steadfast commitment to upholding and promoting the principles of international trade law. Rigorous in their advocacy and often found on the cusp of new legal precedents, they are the legal champions sought after by many high-profile clients in the realm of international trade.

David Tang – JunHe LLP

Famed for his prowess in trade remedy, sanction, and export control matters, David Tang is especially skilled when it comes to undertaking US-related cases. Though his firm JunHe LLP doesn’t maintain a website, his reputation in the industry makes him a go-to for many seeking his specialized services.

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Zhe Jiang – Zhong Lun Law Firm

Zhe Jiang of the Zhong Lun Law Firm is reputed for his expertise in tackling Korea-related matters. With his in-depth experience acting on behalf of Chinese enterprises in investigations launched by South Korea, Jiang Zhe is a beacon of light for many when sailing the turbulent waters of international trade law.

Stephen Peng – Jincheng Tongda & Neal Law Firm

Stephen Peng is a standout name from the Jincheng Tongda & Neal Law Firm for aiding the Chinese government and MOFCOM with WTO disputes and negotiations. He flaunts noteworthy expertise defending domestic entities in various safeguard investigations.

Fayin Li – JunZeJun Law Offices

Fayin Li, who presides over the international trade team at the JunZeJun Law Offices, has an impressive track record with WTO disputes, safeguard measures, and trade remedies.

Jin Xiao – King & Wood Mallesons

Jin Xiao from the King & Wood Mallesons is celebrated extensively for his broad offering, notably in relation to trade remedies and WTO disputes. He stands out exceptionally for handling international trade agreement negotiations.

Aifeng Yao – Guangsheng & Partners

Aifeng Yao of Guangsheng & Partners possesses more than two decades of experience handling trade remedy matters for domestic companies, especially in markets including the US, India, and Brazil.

Lin Yang – Rayyin & Partners P.R.C. Lawyers

Lin Yang from Rayyin & Partners P.R.C. Lawyers is well-respected for advising domestic producers and exporters in anti-dumping investigations commenced by various countries.

Zheng Jia – Zhong Yin Law Firm

Zheng Jia from the Zhong Yin Law Firm is recognized for handling anti-dumping investigations, with a particular concentration on cases involving the iron and steel industries. He is regularly involved in matters initiated by South Asian and South-East Asian countries.

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Guoliang Hang – Global Law Office

Hang Guoliang of the Global Law Office is distinguished for supporting Chinese companies with trade remedy investigations, especially in the EU, India and USA markets.

Lingchen Pu – Chance Bridge Law Firm

Lingchen Pu from the Chance Bridge Law Firm is lauded for his specialism in the US and EU markets as well as his significant experience in WTO matters and trade negotiations. His impressive clientele features large corporations, government agencies, and industry associations.

In the complex arena of international trade and WTO law, these lawyers have cemented their places as stalwarts in the field – consistently overcoming challenges, pioneering innovative legal strategies, and setting new benchmarks in their domain.

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