Meet the Top 10 Most Influential Intellectual Property Lawyers in Kansas 2023

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In the fast-paced world of business today, intellectual property (IP) rights can be the defining factor in the success of a company. Given the vital nature of these rights, it’s crucial to have an astute legal mind versed in the ins and outs of IP law protecting your interests. Among the many stalwarts in the field, Kansas is home to several notable IP lawyers who have established a solid reputation for their in-depth knowledge and impressive track record in protecting their clients’ intellectual property rights. These are the people who stay ahead of the game, updating themselves with ever-evolving IP laws, and ensuring that their clients’ innovation and creativity are rightly protected.

A lawyer specializing in intellectual property law helps inventors or businesses in the creation, management, and protection of intellectual property rights relating to ideas, inventions, designs, and artworks. These lawyers are well versed in patent laws, copyright laws, trademark laws, and trade secrets, which are collectively known as intellectual property law. From managing large IP portfolios to handling patent prosecutions, these lawyers can do it all. They fight hard to represent their clients, often employing their in-depth scientific or technical knowledge to get the best results.

This review aims to spotlight a selection of accomplished IP lawyers in Kansas, recognized for their outstanding work in this specialized field of law. They are the ones you want in your corner when navigating the complex realm of intellectual property rights. While not all have a firm website, their reputations abound in the legal community for their valuable contributions to the industry.

Justin Poplin

Currently working at Avek IP, Justin Poplin stands out for his profound expertise in handling a range of intellectual property concerns, which spans aspects as varied as large IP portfolio management, transactional advisories, litigation, and handling IPR issues. No stranger to the technical aspects of IP law, Justin brings a strong technical astuteness to the table.

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Kent Erickson

With over three decades of experience, Kent Erickson needs little introduction in the IP law world in Kansas. Also a part of the team at Avek IP, Erickson is an expert in handling diverse IP needs, dealing efficaciously with both contentious and non-contentious issues. Clients in the mechanical and chemical sectors will find his proficiency particularly useful.

Michael B. Hurd

Michael B. Hurd is a seasoned professional at Hovey Williams LLP, with an impressive record in IP litigation. From smaller infringement claims to larger ones, Michael’s expertise lies in robustly advocating for his clients.

Marshall Honeyman

As a former patent examiner and attorney at the USPTO, Marshall Honeyman’s extensive experience proves instrumental in patent prosecution matters. Also at Avek IP, Honeyman holds an excellent reputation in his field.

Adam Seitz

Known as one of the state’s leading intellectuals in IP matters, Adam Seitz of Erise IP has unsurpassed strengths in IP litigation matters that greatly benefit his clients.

Anna Quinn

Anna Quinn, also from Avek IP, is proficient in various portfolio management matters. Whether it’s handling due diligence in M&A transactions or advising on litigation, Quinn’s clients know they can trust her implicitly.

William Matthews

Representing Foulston Siefkin LLP, William Matthews is an IP rights expert frequently sought by corporate clients for his strategic guidance on prosecution matters, commercial agreements, and M&A due diligence.

Holly A. Dyer

Also at Foulston Siefkin LLP, Holly Dyer has a well-established commercial litigation practice. She frequently represents clients in business tort and breach of contract disputes, and she has extensive experience assisting with contentious employment mandates.

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Cheryl L. Burbach

Cheryl Burbach serves at Hovey Williams LLP with a diverse IP practice that sees her advise on IP issues arising in corporate transactions, enforcement actions, and trade secrets matters.

Eric A. Buresh

Lastly, Eric Buresh of Erise IP has earned a solid reputation in defending clients’ IP rights in litigation.

In conclusion, Kansas is home to some extraordinary IP lawyers, each bringing their unique strengths and skills to represent and advise their clients. Their reputation and proven track record in the field of intellectual property law stand as a testament to their competence and dedication to their profession.

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