Top 10 Powerhouse Bankruptcy Lawyers Reshaping Florida’s North & Central in 2023

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Florida’s North and Central regions have proved to be a hotspot for strikingly proficient and innovative individuals who have made a mark in the field of Bankruptcy/Restructuring over the years. These professionals have showcased unmatched expertise, forward-thinking approach, and thorough knowledge which has earned them recognition and respect in the industry. From leading large corporations through bankruptcy proceedings to conducting due diligence on distressed assets, these legal veterans have left no stone unturned in setting the bar high for others to follow.

In this article, we explore some interesting experienced professionals from Florida, North and Central, who have mastered their domain with the practice of law. Their portfolios range from bankruptcy expertise to restructuring practice, handling complex cases, advising major companies, foreclosure matters, distressed M&As, and much more. We have also included their respective firm websites for further information, and a brief bio to get a glimpse into their exceptional personalities.

Details about their practical solutions, the commendation they have earned, their problem-solving abilities, and the respect they garner in the industry are the highlights of this read. Jump right in to know more about these trailblazers.

Russell Blain

Russell Blain is a practicing lawyer at Stichter, Riedel, Blain & Postler PA, known particularly for his market-leading bankruptcy expertise. His notable experience in Chapter 11 cases has garnered praise from his peers and clients alike. Blain is celebrated as an effective consensus builder with an inexhaustible energy towards handling cases.

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Donald Kirk

Carlton Fields’ Donald Kirk has a broad spectrum bankruptcy practice. His capabilities stretch from advising on director and officer liability to acting on cases of distressed M&A. Kirk is appreciated for his proactive approach, practical solutions, and exceptional knack for understanding the implicit aspects of a case.

Harley E Riedel

Serving as the head of the department and managing partner of Stichter, Riedel, Blain & Postler PA, Harley Riedel is widely recognized for his expertise in representing debtors and creditors. His practical approach and conflict resolution skills make him a respected state leader in his field.

Ryan Reinert

Ryan Reinert of Shutts & Bowen LLP is known for his diversified bankruptcy practice. He is gifted with excellent communication skills and attention to detail, essential for advising on real estate foreclosures and handling Chapter 11 cases in the manufacturing industry.

Elena Ketchum

Elena Ketchum, associated with Stichter, Riedel, Blain & Postler PA, has the ability to advise on out-of-court workouts as well as assist clients with Chapter 11 filings. Her practicality, knowledge, and understanding ensure that cases are handled efficiently.

Denise Dell-Powell

Denise Dell-Powell chairs Dean, Mead, Egerton, Bloodworth, Capouano & Bozarth’s bankruptcy and creditor’s rights practice. With extensive market experience, Dell-Powell is highly proficient at creditor, debtor and trustee representations.

Robert A Soriano

Robert Soriano is a key partner at Soriano Law, P.A.,
advising both debtors and creditors’ committees on a range of transactions. His even-keeled personality combined with his ability to resolve any situation makes him a very effective lawyer.

Justin M Luna

At Latham, Luna, Eden & Beaudine, LLP, Justin Luna is known for his advisory role in companies going through financial distress. He is both reasonable and adept at handling the company side of bankruptcy cases.

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Mark J Wolfson

With Foley & Lardner LLP, Mark Wolfson acts on behalf of companies, and financial and healthcare institutions in bankruptcy proceedings, including distressed M&A’s. His ability to end litigation and salvage entities is commendable.

Matthew Hale

Matthew Hale of Stichter, Riedel, Blain & Postler PA is highly recognized for his proficiency in Chapter 11 proceedings. Comprehending the complex bankruptcy code and knowing how to navigate through it, makes him distinguished in his field.

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