Top 10 Noteworthy Dispute Resolution Lawyers in Paraguay 2023

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In Paraguay, the field of Dispute Resolution law is both dynamic and rapidly evolving. The industry is filled with talented and committed professionals who have carved a niche for themselves by providing exemplary legal services to clients. The focused approach, commitment and expertise of these lawyers have put Paraguay on the global map for Dispute Resolution law. Here, we showcase some of the most interesting and influential Dispute Resolution lawyers in Paraguay.

This feature aims to throw light on the lawyers’ unique journey, their dedication to the profession, and the ways they continue to make a difference in the lives of their clients. Their profile includes their professional details, expertise, and client feedback. Through this presentation of these top-rated legal professionals, we hope to inspire more lawyers and legal aspirants.

All the featured lawyers operate in Paraguay and work with renowned law firms. They have nurtured their skills over time and created a client base that values their services highly. Their expertise spans from commercial litigation to arbitration, contractual disputes, and bankruptcy cases. Let’s delve into the profiles of these lawyers.

Enrique Zacarias

With his firm, Olmedo Abogados, Co-head of department Enrique Zacarias excels in dispute resolution. Known as “the professor” among his peers and clients, Zacarias is revered for his expertise in debt recovery cases and commercial litigation. He actively leads his firm’s litigation department, making him a pivotal player in Paraguayan law.

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Miguel Saguier

Miguel Saguier is an Associate at Ferrere whose dispute resolution skills have garnered praise from his clients. Touted for his prompt and effective solutions to problem mitigation, Saguier is acknowledged for his confidence and approachability.

Hernán Casco Pagano

A senior statesperson with a strong track record in both litigation and arbitration is Hernán Casco Pagano at Casco Pagano Abogados. His presence in complex litigations and arbitral proceedings makes him a stand-out figure in the Paraguayan legal scene.

Mirtha Dos Santos

At Vouga Abogados resides the seasoned partner Mirtha Dos Santos, known for her proficiency in handling intricate dispute resolutions. According to her clients, Dos Santos provides precise, effective, and responsible solutions even during extraordinary times.

Arístides Santiago Quevedo Gatti

The Estudio Riera Abogados houses the adept practitioner Arístides Santiago Quevedo Gatti. He is recognized for his commercial litigation skills, with a specialized focus on bankruptcy cases, including Chapter 11 mandates. He is acknowledged as a strong litigator by market observers.

Manuel Riera Escudero

Another gem at Estudio Riera Abogados is the senior statesperson Manuel Riera Escudero. With vast experience in complex disputes, Escudero excels in both litigation and arbitration proceedings, featuring a strong expertise in banking disputes as well.

José María Cardozo

Top-tier litigator José María Cardozo, with Fiorio, Cardozo & Alvarado, has a pronounced reputation in commercial litigation. His vast knowledge and career trajectory earn him respect in all proceedings, further showcasing his skills in handling debt recovery cases and contractual disputes.

Fernando Marecos Gamarra

Associate-to-watch Fernando Marecos Gamarra at Estudio Jurídico Gross Brown, comes with a robust experience in breach of contract disputes. He is highly active in dispute resolution handling and appreciated by clients for his procedural law skills.

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Enrique A Sosa Elizeche

At Peroni Sosa Tellechea Burt & Narvaja, Senior statesperson Enrique Sosa Elizeche is highly respected in the Paraguayan dispute resolution area. His extensive and impressive experience earns him high commendations from legal sources and peers alike.

Natalia Oddone

Associate-to-watch Natalia Oddone of BKM – Berkemeyer has a solid expertise in both civil and commercial litigation, with market observers touting her as an excellent associate.

The profound commitment and extraordinary skills of the above-listed lawyers in the field of Dispute Resolution law have made a significant impact on both the legal scene in Paraguay and internationally. These lawyers continue to raise the bar by offering services that not only meet the existing legal standards, but often exceed them. Their contributions to the law sector are a commendable testament to Paraguay’s evolving legal landscape.

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