Top 10 Powerhouse Banking & Finance Lawyers in Sweden, 2023 Edition

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The dynamic world of banking and finance offers an array of challenges that require experienced and knowledgeable professionals to navigate. As Sweden continues to be one of the most vibrant and innovative economies in Europe, the banking and finance industry thrives and, likewise, the legal sector supporting it. Among those leading the charge are a distinguished group of lawyers whose expertise and reputation make them stand out in their field. This is an overview of some of the top banking and finance lawyers in Sweden.

Whether one is seeking legal advice for project financing or acquisition finance, there is a uniquely suited professional ready to assist just a click away. As versatility, knowledge, and expertise become increasingly important in this diverse and multi-faceted sector, these trailblazers strike a balance between keeping abreast of regulatory changes and staying attentive to the unique dynamics of their clients’ businesses.

Here is a glimpse into the career and accomplishments of these exceptional Swedish banking and finance lawyers, in no particular order, all of whom demonstrate the value of having seasoned counsel to navigate the intricacies of complex financial transactions and regulations.

Andreas Zettergren

Andreas Zettergren of Mannheimer Swartling is respected as a respected authority in project finance matters. His considerable experience in the banking and finance industry in Sweden sees him constantly sought after for his expertise.

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Henrik Ossborn

Henrik Ossborn, part of Advokatfirman Vinge KB, has been gaining increased visibility and impressive client recognition. Based in the firm’s Malmö office, he frequently handles finance transactions such as acquisition finance and securitisation transactions for banks.

Albert Wållgren

Also from Advokatfirman Vinge KB, Albert Wållgren boasts wide-ranging competency in numerous lending transactions. His expertise covers acquisition finance and securitisation transactions, making him a reliable asset for his clients.

Dennis Luttropp Hansson

Dennis Luttropp Hansson of Cirio Advokatbyrå AB typically offers counsel to borrowing entities and has a proven track record in managing a range of finance mandates.

Anders Morén

Anders Morén of Wigge & Partners Advokat KB is another noteworthy figure who has gained increased visibility in Sweden’s banking and finance sector. He is frequently sought after for his expert advice on acquisition finance and real estate finance mandates.

André Andersson

André Andersson of Mannheimer Swartling is a highly experienced senior practitioner with extensive experience in a variety of finance and DCM transactions. His proficiency encompasses bond issuances and mortgage-backed securitisations.

Stefan de Hevesy

Senior practitioner, Stefan de Hevesy, from Wigge & Partners Advokat KB offers clients a wealth of experience, covering acquisition and real estate finance mandates. His long-standing career in banking and finance law has equipped him with invaluable insights into this complex sector.

Carl Hugo Parment

Carl Hugo Parment maintains a steady client base amongst high-profile financial institutions. Based at White & Case Advokat AB, he specialises in acquisition finance matters and possesses extensive experience in securitisation transactions and issuance of notes. His work often involves cross-border elements, highlighting his international capacity.

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Magnus Wennerhorn

Magnus Wennerhorn of White & Case Advokat AB supports banks and private equity funds with acquisition finance and refinancing mandates. His professional adaptability allows for handling of assignments with cross-border components.

Tobhias Brandell

The team leader at TM & Partners, Tobhias Brandell, provides lenders and borrowers with invaluable advice on leveraged and acquisition finance transactions. His driven leadership qualities and expertise continue to push the boundaries of the banking and finance sector in Sweden.

These lawyers, with their unique expertise, illuminate the Swedish legal sector, particularly in the realms of banking and finance. Their exceptional knowledge, experience, and dedication make them catalysts for change and growth within this dynamic industry.

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