Top 10 Power Lawyers in Brazil’s Energy & Natural Resources Sector 2023

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The dynamic field of Energy and Natural Resources law has long been a contentious and hard-fought ground in Brazil. The country’s abundant resources, coupled with its commitment to green energy, has resulted in complex legal environments that would often puzzle even the most experienced practitioners. In this intricate ecosystem, few lawyers stand out as dependable experts. This article seeks to shed light on the mastery and accomplishments of renowned Brazilian power lawyers in the Energy and Natural Resources industry. They have continually shown high professionalism, competency, and adept expertise in various legal dealings.

Conducting their business across different firms, these lawyers have carved a niche for themselves with top-notch handling of energy-related mandates, contract negotiations, and regulatory matters among others. Client testimonials back up their well-earned reputation, as they are noted for their strategic thinking, empathy, and exceptional knowledge.

Their practice is as broad as it is specialized, offering assistance in litigation, contractual and regulatory mandates, M&A, corporate and finance issues. Many of them have been commended for their technical abilities, practical knowledge, and experience in the energy sector. Let’s meet these exceptional lawyers in detail.

Alice Siqueira Khouri

Representing the firm Rolim, Viotti, Goulart, Cardoso Advogados, Alice Siqueira Khouri has been actively involved in the Energy and Natural Resources: Power industry in Brazil for more than nine years. Currently based in Lisbon, she offers expertise to clients regarding the Brazilian jurisdiction on energy mandates.

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Lívia Medeiros Amorim

Lívia Medeiros Amorim is a strategic power lawyer at Souto Correa Advogados. She is well-versed in providing expert advice on oil and gas pipelines, refineries, and LNG terminals as well as handling contract negotiations and regulatory issues.

Cristiana Macedo de Arruda Reis

At Magalhães, Reis & Zagatto Advogados, Cristiana Macedo de Arruda Reis excels in regulatory affairs. Commended for her professionalism, empathy, and commitment to her clients, she is a leading figure in the Energy and Natural Resources: Power industry.

José Roberto Martins

An esteemed lawyer at Trench Rossi Watanabe, José Roberto Martins is an expert in energy law in relation to agreements, M&A, and regulatory affairs. With stellar client reviews, he is a sought-after name in the field.

Rosilane Costa Barros

Working at Demarest Advogados, Rosilane Costa Barros specializes in litigation, contractual and regulatory mandates in the Energy and Natural Resources: Power sector. Her practical knowledge and understanding of regulatory issues set her apart in the industry.

Tiago Lobão Cardoso Cosenza

At Lobão Cosenza, Figueiredo Cavalcante Advogados, Tiago Lobão Cardoso Cosenza showcases profound expertise in energy regulatory matters. Recognized for his professionalism, knowledge, and amiability, he adds a unique facet to the field.

Fabiano Ricardo Luz de Brito

Fabiano Ricardo Luz de Brito, from firm Mattos Filho, displays versatile skills in M&A, corporate and finance matters, besides regulatory mandates. His extensive knowledge of administrative proceedings before ANEEL is highly praised by clients.

Alexandre Leal Ribeiro Leite

Alexandre Leal Ribeiro Leite of Cescon, Barrieu, Flesch & Barreto Advogados, is a seasoned lawyer known for his experience and knowledge in regulatory energy matters. Known for his availability and objective stance, he is highly regarded in this sector.

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Márcio Pina Marques

Márcio Pina Marques from Advocacia Bettiol is revered for his deep understanding of regulatory mandates in the energy sector. His exceptional technical abilities are well noted in reviews.

Ana Karina Esteves de Souza

Ana Karina Esteves de Souza, representing Machado Meyer, is lauded for her proficiency in handling regulatory issues and corporate mandates. Her dedication to the job, technical abilities, and her deep understanding of the energy sector makes her an asset to her firm and the industry as a whole.

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