Top 10 Influential Franchisee Lawyers in USA Dominating 2023 Legal Scene

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Franchising, as a business model, holds immense potential for rapid expansion, brand recognition, and profitable ventures. Still, navigating the legal landscape of the franchising world can be complex and challenging. It is crucial, therefore, to have an expert franchise lawyer to guide through the many potential disputes, ensuring a profitable and above-board franchisee experience. We bring you a pantheon of some of the most competent and effective franchisee lawyers across the United States who have left their mark in the franchising industry. These professionals stand firm on the pillars of expertise, experience, and ethical practice.

Each one has carved a niche in the field and elevated the standards in battling complex disputes on behalf of their franchisee clients. They have demonstrated their competency, not just in the realm of franchising, but also in commercial, real-estate, anti-trust, intellectual property and sports law. They represent clients across an array of sectors, focusing mainly on the hospitality, leisure, food, and beverage sectors.

So whether you’re a franchisee in need of legal representation or simply someone interested in this highly specialized and intriguing corner of the legal sphere, let these attorneys and their considerable skills and accomplishments serve as a benchmark.

Scott E. Korzenowski

Partner at Dady & Gardner, PA, Scott E. Korzenowski specializes in representing franchisee clients in the restaurant and fast food industry, disputing with franchisors and manufacturers. His prowess is recognized both in state and federal court litigation.

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Robert F. Salkowski

With an impressive breadth of a commercial litigation practice, Robert F. Salkowski is an exceptional asset at Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. He regularly handles intricate disputes on behalf of franchisee clients.

Eric H. Karp

At Witmer, Karp, Warner & Ryan, Eric H. Karp stands tall as an expert in franchisee matters. Visit the firm’s website to learn more about his astounding work with commercial and real estate-related disputes, primarily representing clients from the hospitality, leisure, and food and beverage sectors.

Michael Einbinder

Michael Einbinder of Einbinder & Dunn LLP extends his expertise in managing diverse disputes in the franchising arena. His proficiency in franchisee practice is augmented by his profound skills in intellectual property matters.

Lee N. Abrams

The Mayer Brown LLP’s commendable roster includes Lee N. Abrams. His representation of franchisees and franchisee associations has made him a much-respected figure in the field. He brings a wealth of experience from working with clients across a multitude of sectors.

Himanshu M. Patel

Another standout name in the field is Himanshu M. Patel from Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A.. He is lauded for his expertise and performance while handling litigation for franchisee clients before state and federal courts.

Jeffery S. Haff

Renowned for his ability to navigate complex issues like a breach of covenant, misconduct, and termination on behalf of franchisee clients, distributors and dealers, Jeffery S. Haff of Dady & Gardner, PA is a force to reckon with in the franchising industry.

J. Michael Dady

A leading figure in the franchising market, J. Michael Dady, also at Dady & Gardner, PA, has earned profound respect for representing franchisee clients in intricate litigation.

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Erin Johnsen

Erin Johnsen stands as a promising figure in the franchising law industry. She is increasingly recognized for her work with franchisees, particularly her exceptional ability to tackle disputes regarding misrepresentation and franchise terminations.

Peter R. Silverman

At Shumaker Loop & Kendrick LLP, Peter R. Silverman masterfully handles a range of contentious matters for franchisee clients. His wider practice includes domains such as antitrust, sports, and IP law.

These lawyers stand as towering figures in the franchising legal community. Their dedication, expertise and commitment to their franchisee clients manifest in the pathbreaking work they carry out every day. Their mastery over the legal landscape of franchising gives them an unrivaled status and instills immense faith and confidence in their clientele.

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