Top 10 Influential Financial Crime Lawyers in The Regions for 2023

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Financial crime continues to be a matter of grave concern worldwide, necessitating the need for legal professionals who are adept at handling the complexities of this field of law. In ‘The Regions,’ a bunch of seasoned lawyers have made their mark in dealing with financial crimes, earning both respect and reputation in the industry. These lawyers play a pivotal role in handling allegations and investigations concerning tax evasion, money laundering, fraud, and more. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting and accomplished financial crime lawyers in The Regions.

This roundup includes lawyers who have demonstrated their strength in complex cases, often with international implications, advising both individual clients and corporations. These lawyers shoulder immense responsibility and operate dynamically by staying updated about the latest changes in laws and regulations, which aids them in devising potent strategies for their cases. Their complete understanding of the nuances of financial crime, coupled with their robust experience, has often resulted in successful outcomes even in the most intricate cases.

Through this enlightening feature, we aim to provide our readers with valuable insights into the lawyers’ backgrounds, their areas of expertise, and how they are making commendable strides in the realm of financial crime. Links to their respective law firm websites have also been provided for those interested in learning more about their work or seeking legal counsel.

Anthony Barnfather

Anthony Barnfather, a solicitor at Barnfather Solicitors, has an impressive track record representing clients in investigations relating to tax and duty avoidance schemes, corruption and money laundering. He also advises on allegations of fraud by misrepresentation, making him a standout in his field.

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John Veale

At Kangs Solicitors, John Veale’s experience with investigations into fraud, bribery and corruption is commendable. His expertise often aids in resolving complex cases involving financial crime.

Colin Byrne

Colin Byrne of Howard & Byrne Solicitors is a sought-after legal professional known for his prowess in advising clients on multi-jurisdictional criminal investigations into bribery and fraud.

Ben Henry

Ben Henry from Jonas Roy Bloom is a renowned practitioner widely recognised for his experience in fraud, bribery, corruption, and money laundering matters. His knowledge and tactics in resolving such cases are unmatched.

Eric Williams

Eric Williams from Cobleys Solicitors Ltd has a diverse caseload. He advises both individuals and corporates on financial crime matters, showcasing adaptability and resourcefulness in his profession.

David Caplin

Demonstrating competence and reliability, David Caplin of Cunninghams Solicitors Ltd is highly regarded for his approach to serious fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion investigations.

Michael O’Garra

O’Garra Cohen Cramer‘s Michael O’Garra excels in handling a vast array of financial crime matters, including fraud and money laundering. His impressive casework reflects his expertise in the field.

Joseph Kotrie Monson

From Mary Monson Solicitors, Joseph Kotrie Monson provides superior expertise in fraud and bribery investigations, including those with cross-border implications.

Bridgette Hibbert

Renowned for her expertise in financial crime matters, Bridgette Hibbert from Farleys Solicitors LLP adeptly handles a wide range of cases, including fraud and confiscation proceedings.

Deepak Vij

Deepak Vij heads the fraud and complex crime department at ABV Solicitors. He is accomplished at handling complex financial crime matters, including money laundering investigations and investment fraud. Furthermore, he also advises on unexplained wealth orders, often with cross-border implications.

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