Top 10 Pioneering Privacy & Data Security Lawyers in USA 2023

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In an increasingly digital world, issues relating to privacy and data security have become paramount. It is a rapidly evolving legal field, requiring adept legal minds with an unparalleled understanding of both law and technology. The USA is home to some of the world’s leading privacy & data security lawyers. Their expertise extends to a range of issues, from FTC investigations to consumer protection regulations to privacy litigation. In this feature, we showcase some of these exceptional legal professionals.

Privacy and data security touch on every aspect of our lives and every sector of our economy. The legal complexities and nuances of this field necessitate a deep understanding of the interplay between law, technology, business, and public policy. The attorneys profiled here are shaping the course of privacy and data security law, advising clients on data breaches, cyber-attacks, regulatory investigations, and much more.

Together, they represent a cross-section of the finest legal talent in this vital and burgeoning field. Whether developing data privacy policies, advising on cybersecurity preparedness or navigating federal privacy and consumer protection law each of these attorneys brings a profound understanding and expertise to their practice.

Miriam Wugmeister

Renowned privacy & data security attorney Miriam Wugmeister is a valuable asset to clients given her extensive experience with global privacy regulations and FTC investigations. With her guidance, many organizations across the USA have achieved compliance with various privacy laws.

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Travis LeBlanc

Travis LeBlanc comes highly recommended for his ability to provide strategic advice on various data security issues, particularly data breaches, and privacy litigation. His valuable experience as the former Enforcement Bureau chief at the FCC greatly benefits his clients.

Antony Kim

Antony Kim is well versed with both legal and technical knowledge about cybersecurity. He consistently helps clients prepare for cybersecurity problems, manage data breach response, and navigate regulatory investigations.

Janis Claire Kestenbaum

Janis Claire Kestenbaum is an authority in federal privacy and consumer protection law. She helps clients apply this complex law strategically, navigating the often-complicated landscape of consumer protection regulations.

Tyler Newby

Tyler Newby is an adept practitioner whose knowledge of CCPA and COPPA legislation is extensive. He specializes in privacy compliance counseling in emerging areas like adtech and facial recognition.

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee of Loeb & Loeb is renowned for her understanding of the varied panorama of privacy laws. Her expertise in biometric legislation and adtech issues makes her a valuable resource for clients navigating these areas.

Nancy Libin

Nancy Libin is recognized for her work on an array of privacy issues, including biometrics and laws affecting young people. Clients have praised her thoughtful advice and impressive privacy and security guidance.

Luke Dembosky

With his background as a former Deputy Assistant Attorney General for National Security, Luke Dembosky provides expert advice to clients on cyberspace related issues. Luke’s experience significantly benefits financial institutions in need of counsel on cyber-attack preparation and response.

Kristen J. Mathews

Kristen Mathews has secured a high reputation for herself in the creation of tailored compliance programs, including breach response planning.

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Brian Hengesbaugh

Advising on cross-border data privacy and protection, digital media, and cybersecurity matters is Brian Hengesbaugh’s forte. Clients appreciate his effectively lucid advice in tackling complex issues.

These ten attorneys represent the pinnacle of privacy & data security law expertise in the USA. Their guidance, advice, and legal acumen are creating safer, more secure digital environments in a world where data is as valuable as gold.

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