Top 10 English Bar Lawyers Dominating Public International Law in 2023

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Public International Law (PIL) forms a critical part of global governance, with its principles shaping and being shaped by the dynamics of international politics and economics. As we navigate an age of political volatility and rapid globalization, the role played by PIL lawyers in resolving interstate disputes, interpreting treaty laws, and advocating for human rights is of growing relevance. In this context, we take a look at some of the most noteworthy names currently dominating the PIL space at the English Bar, showcasing both their accomplishments and the unique contributions they bring to the table.

Vaughan Lowe KC

Presently working with Essex Court Chambers, Vaughan Lowe KC has earned a reputation as a frontrunner in the PIL area due to his sharp intellect. His regular appearances before international tribunals and vast know-how in boundary disputes and investment treaty work make him a powerhouse in the field. Along with an impressive academic stint at leading universities, Lowe KC also has significant experience in arbitration.

Guglielmo Verdirame KC

At Twenty Essex, Guglielmo Verdirame KC handles a broad variety of PIL work, including international human rights cases and inter-state disputes. His scholarly credentials bolster his professional expertise, aiding his accomplished courtroom presence at international arbitration tribunals.

Samuel Wordsworth KC

Samuel Wordsworth KC from Essex Court Chambers skillfully negotiates a broad range of PIL cases. His areas of specialization include bilateral investment treaties and inter-state disputes and his oratory prowess makes him a popular choice for ICJ cases.

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Dan Sarooshi KC

Dan Sarooshi KC, also of Essex Court Chambers, combines academic acumen with practical experience, making him a sought-after choice in the PIL sphere. Professor of public international law at Oxford University, which he combines with his full-time advocacy and litigation services, he has represented governments, international organizations, and big-name companies in various legal matters.

Timothy Otty KC

A veteran at Blackstone Chambers, Timothy Otty KC is adept in PIL cases relating to human rights and international sanctions. His sphere of influence extends from Africa to the Middle East, and he has a commendable record in ICSID and ad hoc investor-state disputes.

Alison Macdonald KC

Also from Essex Court Chambers, Alison Macdonald KC brings wide-ranging expertise to the PIL field. Known for her proficient advisory and advocacy skills, she has regularly represented states in ICSID arbitrations, demonstrating profound understanding of the Law of the Sea and international criminal law.

Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh KC

Working with Matrix Chambers, Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh KC commands substantial respect in the PIL field. Known for her striking academic credentials and comprehensive knowledge of ICJ, ITLOS, and UNCITRAL rules and procedures, she is a strong representative for states and NGOs alike.

Malcolm Shaw KC

Malcolm Shaw KC from Essex Court Chambers is famed for his academic background and brilliant advice. Representing a diverse range of cases, he offers expert counsel on territory disputes, Law of the Sea, state succession, and state immunity.

Daniel Bethlehem KC

Found at Twenty Essex, Sir Daniel Bethlehem KC is a stalwart in PIL. He handles high-profile state-on-state, diplomatic immunity, and BIT cases, showcasing significant experience both as counsel and arbitrator, along with notable ties to the FCO.

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Franklin Berman KC

Representing Essex Court Chambers, Sir Franklin Berman KC boasts a deep body of PIL knowledge and extensive experience. Notably, he is regularly called upon as arbitrator in prominent international arbitrations, and his role as a Visiting Professor of International Law adds to his prestige in the field.

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