Top 10 Pioneering Environment Lawyers Shaping Georgia’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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Georgia is home to a cohort of notable environmental lawyers tackling some of the nation’s most pressing environmental issues with the brilliance and dedication that has become a distinct characteristic of southern legal practice. In this comprehensive list, we showcase some of the finest minds in Georgia environmental law, detailing their unique experiences, backgrounds, and areas of focus.

The environmental legal field plays a significant role in sustainable development, climate change, and the preservation of biodiversity, among other aspects of environmental protection and management. While environmental law is a very broad field encompassing international, national and state policies, its relevance in today’s world cannot be overstated. In Georgia, these lawyers often find themselves navigating complex environmental regulations, tackling sophisticated court cases, or advising on best practices to keep businesses compliant with environmental standards.

‘The Peach State’ has become a thriving hub of leading environmental legal practice and this compilation celebrates the breadth, diversity and specialized knowledge of attorneys tirelessly championing environmental matters within Georgia’s borders. In no particular order, here are some of Georgia’s most interesting environmental lawyers:

Leslie Oakes

Firm: King & Spalding LLP
Leslie Oakes is respected for his handling of environmental issues arising from a variety of transactions, and is especially knowledgeable about hazardous waste issues. Based in Georgia, Leslie’s influence in the environment sector has made an undeniable impact on the industry’s development.

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Craig K Pendergrast

Firm: Taylor English Duma LLP
Craig Pendergrast is an accomplished lawyer with a command in environmental litigation as well as real estate transactions involving contaminated property. He is lauded both for his ability to distill complex data cogently and for his effective advocacy for his clients.

Adam G Sowatzka

Firm: King & Spalding LLP
A former EPA attorney, Adam Sowatzka consistently proves to be a formidable choice to advise on environmental enforcement. He often assists clients with environmental incident response, marking him as a go-to resource in times of crises.

Patricia Barmeyer

Firm: King & Spalding LLP
Patricia Barmeyer’s expertise in environmental litigation and regulatory matters sets her apart as one of the leaders in the field. Her insights in water, waste, and air issues make her a cornerstone of environmental legal practice in Georgia.

Brooke Dickerson

Firm: Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
With mastery across the full spectrum of environmental matters, Brooke Dickerson is renowned for her expert advice on real estate transactions involving environmental issues and her handling of permitting and litigation.

Christine M Morgan

Firm: Jones Day
Christine Morgan’s broad environmental practice spans regulatory compliance and enforcement, solidifying her as a strong force in the industry.

Kimberley Hale

Firm: Kazmarek Mowrey Cloud Laseter LLP
Kimberley Hale’s robust environmental practice handles advice on real estate transactions, environmental litigation, and regulatory enforcement.

Catherine D Little

Firm: Bracewell LLP
Catherine Little offers environmental counseling to clients in the energy sector, including oil and gas companies. She stands out for her expertise in pipeline safety regulations.

Andrew M Thompson

Firm: Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP
Andrew Thompson’s monumental experience in handling environmental litigation and regulatory enforcement positions him as a pivotal figure in the field.

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Susan Richardson

Firm: Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton
Adept in handling transactional due diligence, permitting, and regulatory enforcement, Susan Richardson is a key player in the environmental legal fraternity. She is especially conversant in wastewater issues.

Incorporating these legal behemoths, the environmental legal landscape in Georgia is indeed as diverse as it is compelling. Striding ahead sustainably, Georgia continues to assert its position as a home to these astute environmental lawyers delivering value across the environmental responsibility scale.

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