Top 10 Pensions Lawyers Shaping South West Legal Landscape in 2023

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It’s an ever-changing world when it comes to pensions. The rules, regulations, and intricacies of pensions law require a specialised breed of legal professionals to navigate the complexities of the sector. The South West is home to a concentration of some of the leading pension lawyers in the country. These legal mavens offer their expert guidance to trustees, employer sponsors, and other key stakeholders in the pensions industry, advising on everything from pension fund arrangements to compliance issues and scheme closures.

Local firms such as Osborne Clarke LLP, TLT LLP, and Burges Salmon LLP, among others, house these experts who are shaping the course of pensions law with their counsel. Their collective experience, expertise, and acumen have led them to offer the highest level of advice to individuals, corporations, and public bodies alike, ensuring the strength and security of pensions across the South West and beyond.

In this issue, we focus on some of these outstanding legal minds making waves in the world of pensions law. We present a window into their work, their firms, and what makes them stand out in the industry.

Jonathan Hazlett – Osborne Clarke LLP

At Osborne Clarke LLP, Jonathan Hazlett stands as the helm of the pensions team. With a wealth of experience dealing with a broad range of disputes, he is a trusted adviser to trustees and representative beneficiaries. Hazlett’s expertise spans handling issues involving The Pensions Ombudsman and The Pensions Regulator.

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Lizzie Stone – TLT LLP

Lizzie Stone, housed at TLT LLP, specialises in a wide array of pension schemes matters. She lends her advice on everything from GMP equalisation, scheme transfers to scheme closure to accrual.

Richard Knight – Burges Salmon LLP

Richard Knight, Head of pensions at Burges Salmon LLP, uses his comprehensive experience to provide advice on pension funding arrangements across a multitude of sectors, including utilities, manufacturing, and transport.

Sasha Butterworth – TLT LLP

At TLT LLP, Sasha Butterworth counsels trustees and employers on a spectrum of pensions matters, including the formation of master trusts, SIPPs and scheme closures.

Michael Hayles – Burges Salmon LLP

Michael Hayles, another esteemed lawyer at Burges Salmon LLP, lends his experience to assisting trustees and sponsor employers with a panoply of contractual and regulatory matters, in particular, scheme restructuring, and bulk transfers.

Chris Crighton – TLT LLP

Chris Crighton of TLT LLP advises both trustees and employers on amendments and closures of pension schemes, as well as regulatory compliance issues—a pivotal aspect of pension law.

Clive Pugh – Burges Salmon LLP

Based at Burges Salmon LLP, Clive Pugh has a wide range of experience advising clients on regulatory compliance, acting on alleged defined contribution breaches and SIPP acquisitions.

Richard Pettit – Burges Salmon LLP

Richard Pettit of Burges Salmon LLP expertly assists companies and trustees with occupational pension scheme matters, including scheme closures and documentation issues.

Brent Wright – Osborne Clarke LLP

Another leading figure at Osborne Clarke LLP, Brent Wright, offers employers wide-ranging advice on their pension obligations. His expertise includes the pensions aspects of corporate transactions, scheme closures, and public sector schemes.

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Alice Honeywill – Burges Salmon LLP

Alice Honeywill at Burges Salmon LLP provides valuable guidance and support to pension scheme trustees and employer sponsors on issues such as master trusts, SIPP acquisitions, and scheme mergers.

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