Top 10 Influential Water Law Attorneys in New Mexico 2023 Unveiled

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The importance of water has never been more pronounced and discussed as it is in a state like New Mexico – a place where a significant part of the story falls under the scrutiny of legal analysis and interpretation. Water Law lawyers play a fundamental and highly critical role in catering to the environmental, business, and regulatory needs of the community not only by ensuring that water rights are efficiently managed but also by verifying that water resources are secured, managed, and protected.

This article aims to bridge individuals, businesses, and organisations with specialist lawyers in the field of water rights law in the state of New Mexico. From trial proceedings to transactional work, and from advisory work to rights disputes, these named individuals have demonstrated a rigorous capacity in catering to the nuanced requirements of the water law industry.

For ease of reference, this list includes industry giants, as well as up and comers who are making a name for themselves due to their stellar work in recent years.

Jeffrey J Wechsler

Jeffrey Wechsler is a respected member of Montgomery & Andrews, PA where he manages environmental, natural resources, and water law issues. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in interstate water rights matters, but he is also commended for his intelligent and effective execution of trial work, making him a vital player in the field.

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John W Utton

Regarded as a specialist in Water Law, John Utton of Utton & Kery, PA has depth of experience and is a collaborator who knows his subject inside out. John’s skill at connecting interpersonally with clients while delivering an expert assessment gives him an edge among his contemporaries.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor is a member of Taylor & McCaleb PA who stands out particularly for her noteworthy proficiency in transactional work concerning water rights. Her affiliation with the firm furthers their combined specialty in the area of Water Law.

Maria O’Brien

Maria O’Brien of Modrall Sperling is recognized for her work concerning environmental and water resources issues. Maria is often seen dealing with water quality and water project permitting matters. She is considered a well-informed and strong advocate for her clients by effectively representing them in state and federal agencies.

John B Draper

Known for his valuable experience in representing clients in varied water-related proceedings, John Draper of Draper & Draper LLC is particularly well known for his appearances before the Supreme Court in interstate water rights cases. His work handling water permitting and compliance issues establishes John as a highly experienced litigator.

Sunny J Nixon

Sunny Nixon is part of Rodey, Dickason, Sloan, Akin & Robb, PA and is recognized for her handling of regulatory and transactional matters related to water law. Particularly, Sunny has been noted for her focus on utilities.

Tessa T. Davidson

Tessa Davidson of Davidson Law Firm, LLC receives recognition for her work in water law. Known to be extremely prepared, she regularly handles contentious proceedings for sector clients.

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James Brockmann

James Brockmann of Stein & Brockmann PA is well known in the New Mexico market for representing clients in water law issues. His strong and reliable practice has earned him significant recognition in the market.

Jay Stein

Also from Stein & Brockmann PA, Jay Stein boasts a strong reputation for his expertise in water law, providing advisory work as well as managing rights disputes.

Charles T DuMars

Charles DuMars from Law & Resource Planning Associates is a well-known attorney celebrated for his work in water rights law. Known for his negotiation abilities and management of disputes related to water rights, Charles is a crucial figure in New Mexico water law representation.

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