Top 10 Noteworthy Brazilian Lawyers Influencing Energy and Mining in 2023

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Brazil, a country rich in natural resources, has a significant mining industry. The laws regulating this industry are complex and varied, requiring legal professionals with a deep understanding of the matter. This article showcases some of the most prominent lawyers in Brazil who specialize in Energy & Natural Resources: Mining law. With vast experience and industry knowledge, these lawyers are experts in a range of mining matters, from environmental licences and mining rights, to compliance issues and asset investments.

In addition to being skilled lawyers, these individuals often have a scientific or practical background in the mining industry, providing them with a unique perspective that enables them to serve their clients effectively. Whether you're a mining company, a legal professional seeking to learn from the best, or simply a reader interested in the field, these practitioners are definitely experts to keep an eye on.

Below we provide a bio for each of the featured lawyers, shedding light on their professional trajectory, areas of expertise, and notable achievements. Where available, we also include a link to their firm's website for further information.

Carlos Americo Ferraz e Castro

Image of Carlos Americo Ferraz e Castro

A highly distinguished mining practitioner, Carlos Americo Ferraz e Castro draws on four decades of experience in the industry to expertly represent his clients. Presently, Castro works with the reputable law firm Veirano Advogados. Though Castro's expertise spans the mining field, his services are much sought after in the industry.

Alexandre Sion

Image of Alexandre Sion

Alexandre Sion, practicing at Sion Advogados, has an extensive career history dealing with mining matters. His broad-spectrum expertise encapsulates environmental licenses, mining rights, compliance issues and asset investments. With his significant depth of industry knowledge, Sion has a unique ability to understand and solve complex legal issues.

William Freire

Image of William Freire

With vast practical technical knowledge, William Freire heads the law firm William Freire - Advogados Associados. Over the years, Freire has built substantial expertise in different mining matters, particularly in handling regulatory mandates in Minas Gerais.

Virgilio Cezar de Moraes Borba

Image of Virgilio Cezar de Moraes Borba

A prominent figure in the mining field, Virgilio Cezar de Moraes Borba steers his clients through intricate transactional and regulatory mandates, thanks to his significant depth of industry knowledge. Borba is part of Borba, Simões Barbosa, Bessone, Cristofaro - BSBC Advogados firm.

Pedro Andrés Garcia

Image of Pedro Andrés Garcia

As a part of Veirano Advogados, Pedro Andrés Garcia expertly manages sale and acquisition of mining assets. Many clients also affiliate him with tackling associated regulatory issues related to mining assets.

Sérgio Jacques de Moraes

Image of Sérgio Jacques de Moraes

A highly regarded practitioner in the mining space, Sérgio Jacques de Moraes operates as a Sole Practitioner. His vast industry knowledge and experience make him a formidable figure in mining matters.

Mauricio Pellegrino de Souza

Image of Mauricio Pellegrino de Souza

Mauricio Pellegrino de Souza, part of Cescon, Barrieu, Flesch & Barreto Advogados, is especially known for his expertise in tailing dam matters. He is also a trusted authority on an array of regulatory issues in the mining sector.

Paula Azevedo

Image of Paula Azevedo

Specialized in the mining sector, Paula Azevedo, associated with Cescon, Barrieu, Flesch & Barreto Advogados, often handles M&A and regulatory mandates for her clients.

Marcelo Mendo de Souza

Image of Marcelo Mendo de Souza

With his thorough understanding of the mining sector, Marcelo Mendo de Souza is a trusted choice for handling regulatory matters and transactions. He is currently affiliated with Cescon, Barrieu, Flesch & Barreto Advogados.

Adriano Drummond Trindade

Image of Adriano Drummond Trindade

Adriano Drummond Trindade, a key figure at Mattos Filho, is adept in managing regulatory matters in the mining industry. His insightful understanding of the transactional environment in Brazil has won him numerous accolades and client recommendations in his area of expertise.

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