Top 10 Bankruptcy and Restructuring Lawyers in Maine – 2023 Edition

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Bankruptcy law is one of the most crucial areas of legal practice. It involves assisting businesses in dealing with financial distress and guiding them through potential insolvency issues. For businesses in Maine looking to navigate financial instability, selecting the right legal team is essential in ensuring the business continues to operate while repaying creditors under the protection of the bankruptcy court. This ultimately serves the purpose of easing financial distress and reestablishing creditworthiness. The following legal minds have proven to be leading figures in the industry, playing a pivotal role in providing their clients with pragmatic solutions to complex bankruptcy quandaries.

These legal practitioners have mastered all the twists and turns in the road to financial recovery for their clients. They have an impressive understanding of the intricacies of the law and are reputed for managing demanding cases and achieving excellent outcomes even in the most challenging of circumstances. The featured lawyers have broad-ranging experience and have distinguished themselves with their extraordinary accomplishments and significant contributions to the bankruptcy/restructuring industry.

We have therefore committed to providing a detailed overview of each, including their biographies and contact details. We believe this will greatly assist those in need of such services in making informed decisions when choosing legal representatives who are fit for their unique situations.

Benjamin E Marcus

With his extensive range of skills across M&A and bankruptcy matters, Benjamin Marcus at Drummond Woodsum is undeniably a leading figure in the field. His proficiency spans workouts, Chapter 11 filings, and restructurings, earning him a reputation as a trusted advisor and an indispensable asset to his clients.

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Robert J Keach

Robert Keach of Bernstein Shur is highly experienced and reputed as a leader in bankruptcy law. He has skillfully advised numerous clients on Chapter 11 filings, proving himself to be one of the most commercial lawyers in the industry.

Sam Anderson

As cochair of Bernstein’s business restructuring and insolvency practice group, Sam Anderson brings a wealth of experience to the table. He has successfully managed bankruptcy proceedings, workouts, and contentious matters.

Joshua R Dow

Joshua R Dow of Pearce & Dow LLC has proven himself to be a reputable and effective legal advocate in the industry.

Jeffrey T Piampiano

Specialising in Chapter 7 trustee work, Jeffrey Piampiano at Drummond Woodsum also provides advice on workout arrangements and reorganizations. His approachable nature and thoughtfulness make him an invaluable asset to his clients.

Lindsay Zahradka Milne

Lindsay Zahradka Milne at Bernstein Shur routinely guides clients through Chapter 11 proceedings, establishing herself as a distinguished and brilliant lawyer in the field.

Shawn Doil

With a strong expertise in bankruptcy matters, Shawn Doil of Eaton Peabody often extends her legal wisdom to creditors and lenders seeking advice on complex bankruptcy filings and litigation.

Nathaniel Hull

Nathaniel Hull at Verrill Dana, LLP is renowned for his expertise in bankruptcy matters, particularly in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 proceedings. Trusted for his diligence, he also carries out trustee work.

Adam Prescott

Guiding a broad range of clients through complex bankruptcy proceedings is Adam Prescott at Bernstein Shur. He offers a significant amount of experience in workouts, Chapter 11 proceedings, and litigation.

Jay S Geller

A leading figure in bankruptcy and insolvency law, Jay Geller has a law office in his name. Known for his spectacular litigation skills, he is both impressive and a first-rate academic.

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