Top 10 Most Successful Arbitrators in Brazil’s Dispute Resolution Scene 2023

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The field of dispute resolution in Brazil is dominated by a select group of expert arbitrators distinguished in both domestic and international proceedings. These individuals are revered for their understanding and execution of arbitration, characterized by commendable dedication and innate ability to handle complex corporate and contractual issues. In this article, we will delve into the profiles of the most sought-after arbitrators in Brazil, surveying their backgrounds, expertise, and reputations within the industry.

Arbitration traditionally offers a faster, more efficient alternative to traditional courtroom litigation, particularly for complex legal and commercial disputes that require comprehensive knowledge and specialized understanding. Demand for arbitrators continues to grow as more businesses recognize the significant advantages of this dispute resolution method. The following practitioners are not only experienced but highly regarded, with first-rate skills that set the benchmark within the arbitration circuit.

Their commitment to their profession, as well as their ability to deliver exemplary results, ranks these arbitration lawyers as the most in-demand professionals in Brazil in the field of dispute resolution. Whether appointed to arbitral tribunals, working as advocates or advisers, their expertise is undisputed.

Silvia Pachikoski

Serving at L.O. Baptista Advogados, Silvia Pachikoski commands a respected practice in arbitration law. Clients laud her dedication, and one market observer considers her an “excellent” arbitrator.

Carlos Alberto Carmona

At Marques Rosado, Toledo Cesar e Carmona Advogados, Carlos Alberto Carmona adeptly handles disputes related to corporate and contractual issues. A market expert hails him as an exemplary arbitrator, who understands arbitration like no one else.

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Adriana Braghetta

With praise from market commentators such as “She is fabulous. She is doing an amazing job and she has a lot of experience”, Adriana Braghetta operates from her firm Adriana Braghetta Advogados, and is a sought-out name for arbitral tribunal nominations.

Hermes Marcelo Huck

Offering his expertise at Huck, Otranto, Camargo Advogados, Hermes Marcelo Huck garners praise from peers and clients alike for his experience and respect as both an arbitrator and lawyer.

Giovanni Ettore Nanni

At Nanni Advogados, Giovanni Ettore Nanni is acknowledged for his ability to act under different rules, including those of the CAM-CCBC. Market observers laud his upright, studious nature, and ability to manage cases adeptly.

Gustavo Tepedino

Operating from Gustavo Tepedino Advogados, Gustavo Tepedino is recognized for his skills as an arbitrator and his professional contribution to the academic world.

Ricardo de Carvalho Aprigliano

Ricardo de Carvalho Aprigliano, with significant activity in arbitral proceedings, elicits favorable responses from market observers who have been positively surprised by his skills as an arbitrator.

Eleonora Coelho

Eleonora Coelho is lauded for her spectacular and trustworthy conduct as an arbitrator, performing commendable services and earning the respect of market experts.

Paula Andréa Forgioni

Paula Andréa Forgioni astounds with her seasoned experience and in-depth knowledge of Brazilian civil and commercial law, controlling the flow of the process expertly in both domestic and international arbitration.

Pedro Batista Martins

Working from Batista Martins Advogados, Pedro Batista Martins has earned the trust of clients and peers combined due to his expertise and ability to handle a large volume of cases as an arbitrator.

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