UK’s Top 10 Influential Product Liability Lawyers Defending Claimants in 2023

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Product liability claims are a complex and intricate field within the wider legal industry. With this complexity comes a need for skilled, dedicated lawyers who can navigate the tricky process of product liability claims with finesse and an unfaltering commitment to the best interests of their clients. Dealing chiefly with claimant cases, these UK-wide lawyers are lauded for their expertise in an impressively vast array of claims, involving everything from medical products to consumer goods. Their excellence in the field serves as a benchmark to their contemporaries and a beacon of hope for claimants.

In this article, we highlight some of the consummate professionals operating in the realm of product liability. They stand as the best of the best in their industry, wielding their expertise, perspicacity and tenacity with unrivalled aplomb. From food safety to medical negligence, they provide a robust defence to those who need it most.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill lawyers; they’re truly top-tier suppliers of legal services in their field. So read on as we dive into the world of product liability and the lawyers who are making waves in this complex and challenging sector.

Jill Paterson

Jill Paterson showcases her formidable skills and grasp of various product liability facets with aplomb at Leigh Day. Specialising in claims involving food, consumer goods and medical products, her potent representation of claimants is both impressive and tangible. For more details, visit Leigh Day.

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Sarah Moore

Achieving intersectionality between law and science, Sarah Moore, partner at Hausfeld & Co LLP, stands tall in the field of defective medical product claims. Her blend of legal acumen and scientific understanding makes for a formidable representation in product liability trials. Find more information at Hausfeld & Co LLP.

Matthew Newbould

Melding expertise in medical negligence with a steadfast focus on consumer safety and personal injury, Matthew Newbould’s product liability practice at Pogust Goodhead is a beacon of specialised representation. Visit Pogust Goodhead for additional knowledge.

Gene Matthews

Gene Matthews, working at Leigh Day, focuses his prowess on claims concerning pharmaceuticals and medical devices. He brings to the table a wealth of experience dealing specifically with clinical trial claims. Know more about Leigh Day at Leigh Day.

Tim Annett

Tim Annett, at Irwin Mitchell, has earned a reputation for providing excellent representation in product liability disputes. Specialising in personal injury caused by defective products, his prowess extends to automotive, consumer and medical products. More details at Irwin Mitchell.

Bozena Michalowska Howells

Heading Leigh Day’s consumer law and product liability department, Bozena Michalowska Howells commands due respect and recognition for her extensive expertise. She is highly sought after for her handling of defective medical devices, group actions and individual claims. For more info, visit Leigh Day.

Michelle Victor

Meticulously handling group claims involving defective medical devices and consumer products, Michelle Victor boasts a commanding presence at Leigh Day. She possesses valuable expertise in food safety-related matters, aiding in legislative changes and advising on inquests. For more, visit Leigh Day.

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Thomas Jervis

Thomas Jervis’ broad spectrum expertise at Leigh Day is evident in product liability matters involving medical devices and white and consumer goods. He is also adept at handling significant food and drink issues. Visit Leigh Day’s website here for more information.

Sallie Booth

Sallie Booth from Irwin Mitchell is a standard-bearer in the field of product liability. Where product liability and medical negligence intersect, Sallie is a go-to legal guidance. Check out Irwin Mitchell’s site here for more info.

Pauline Roberts

With a prime focus on complex product liability claims, especially those involving medical devices, Pauline Roberts of Hugh James is mouthpiece for many in multi-party actions. More details about Hugh James can be found here.

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