Top 10 Most Sought-After Arbitrators in Colombia’s Legal Landscape 2023

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In the legal world of dispute resolution, Colombia has no shortage of highly sought-after arbitrators. These professionals stand out not only because of their extensive legal knowledge and finesse in legal argumentation but also due to their reputation for fairness, impartiality, and ability to effectively manage arbitration proceedings. Given the high stakes involved with many of the disputes they are required to handle, their services are in high demand and are crucial to the smooth resolution of various types of commercial and administrative disputes in Colombia and even across Latin America. Here we present a compilation of the most in demand arbitrators in Colombia, as highlighted by industry insiders.

Eduardo Zuleta

Eduardo Zuleta, of Zuleta Abogados Asociados S.A.S., is a towering figure in the Latin American region. Known for his nuanced expertise in handling high-profile commercial disputes in Colombia, Brazil, and Peru, Zuleta is a go-to arbitrator for many businesses across these countries.

Martha Cediel

Martha Cediel, belonging to Peña Cediel Abogados, is another of Colombia’s sought-after arbitrators, notably in the administrative law arena. Market commentators attest to her strong track record in providing dependable arbitration services.

William Namén Vargas

William Namén Vargas of the Law Offices of William Namen Vargas, continues to receive accolades and garner demand as an arbitrator in Colombia. Known for his activity and impressive track record, he comes with first-hand experience from working in the courts and is equally admired for his amicability.

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Arturo Solarte Rodríguez

Arturo Solarte Rodríguez from Solarte Rodríguez comes with an impressive reputation in the Colombian dispute resolution sphere. His contemporaries refer to him as an active and highly esteemed practitioner in arbitration proceedings.

Juan Carlos Esguerra Portocarrero

The name of Juan Carlos Esguerra Portocarrero, co-head of Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos, comes up frequently for his extensive experience acting as an arbitrator on high-profile arbitration proceedings in Colombia. His peers vouch for his wealth of experience, both within public and private sectors.

José Armando Bonivento Jiménez

José Armando Bonivento Jiménez, of Bonivento Abogados Asociados, holds an established position as an accomplished arbitrator in Colombia. He comes recommended by industry insiders for his dynamism and repute in dispute resolution.

Carlos Ignacio Jaramillo

Carlos Ignacio Jaramillo, from Salazar, Pardo & Jaramillo (SPJ), continues to earn recognition in the ‘Most In-Demand Arbitrators’ list in Colombia. An interviewee states: “I come across Carlos Ignacio Jaramillo, and he is deserving of recognition.”

Nicolás Gamboa Morales

Nicolás Gamboa Morales, from Gamboa & Chalela, is particularly appreciated for his work in both Colombian and international arbitration proceedings. A peer endorses his practice, stating: “Nicolás Gamboa Morales is very renowned in the arbitration field.”

Jorge Suescún Melo

Finally, Jorge Suescún Melo, of Suescún Abogados SAS, carries an extensive resume as an arbitrator on complex international arbitration proceedings. An interviewee comments: “Jorge Suescún Melo’s credentials enable him to extend his practice as an arbitrator beyond Colombia and throughout the Americas.”

In conclusion, each of these legal professionals brings their unique touch to arbitration proceedings, making them invaluable assets to many clients in a variety of sectors. Given the growing need for swift and effective dispute resolution outside of the court system, their services will continue to be in high demand.

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