Top 10 Most Influential Tax Lawyers in Costa Rica for 2023

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Costa Rica’s tax system is rapidly transforming with evolving ideas and complex regulations, making it essential for companies to enlist the help of qualified tax professionals. These professionals do more than just ensure compliance they also provide sound advice and strategies to help clients maximize opportunities and manage risk. In this feature, we spotlight ten esteemed tax attorneys in Costa Rica who are driving change and setting high standards in the industry.

In a country with such strict tax laws and regulations, these tax attorneys are a crucial resource for their clients. With a deep understanding of the local tax system and its interaction with international tax laws, these professionals provide impeccable service and invaluable insights.

Whether advising on domestic tax issues, tax reforms, or guiding clients through the intricacies of international tax matters, these professionals offer invaluable assistance. They also assist their clients in assessing the tax implications of various business decisions and planning their business activities to ensure compliance with the law, and to capitalize on potential tax advantages.

José María Oreamuno

José María Oreamuno is a widely recognized tax lawyer with Facio & Cañas. His deep understanding of the business, broad perspective, and exceptional soft skills have earned him a remarkable reputation in the industry.

Randall Madriz

Randall Madriz, a partner at Deloitte, possesses a comprehensive knowledge of international tax matters and their applications within Costa Rica. His counsel on tax matters has been effective in both reducing risks and facilitating company growth.

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Ligia Alfaro

Associate-to-watch Ligia Alfaro, with Arias, stands out in Costa Rica’s tax sphere for her deep understanding of the law and resolution-focused solutions. Her flexibility and commercial focus lend a unique edge to her practice.

Modesto Vargas

Modesto Vargas from Facio & Cañas is an associate-to-watch in the tax field in Costa Rica, known for his strength in tax matters. Clients praise his constant advice as a source of assurance and peers acknowledge his excellent technical support.

Luis Chacón

Luis Chacón from BLP comes highly recommended for his tax practice in Costa Rica. With a track record of delivering high-quality services and vast experience, Luis is a well-established name in the industry.

Adrián Torrealba

Adrián Torrealba is a highly respected practitioner at Facio & Cañas. Known for his comprehensive understanding of legal cases and expertise in advising on local tax issues, Adrian is recognized as a leader in the field.

Diego Salto

Diego Salto, co-head of the department at Consortium Legal, is well-regarded for his commercial awareness and service quality. His significant contribution to the field of taxation makes him a key player in Costa Rica’s tax sphere.

Rafael González S

Rafael González S with Grant Thornton Cotera & Asociados is well-received within the Costa Rican tax sphere for his expertise and diligence. Despite no firm website, his work in tax reform and litigation is highly commended by peers and clients alike.

Carolina Flores

Co-head of the department at Arias, Carolina Flores, is highly experienced in advising Costa Rican and international clients on establishing effective tax structures. She helps clients in understanding the tax implications of M&A transactions, free trade zones, transfer pricing, and tax reforms.

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Anayansi Mora

Anayansi Mora, a partner at Consortium Legal, is well-respected in Costa Rica’s tax arena due to her extensive experience in tax litigation. With a strong reputation for the quality of her work, Anayansi is highly recognized in the field.

In a landscape as complex as tax law, it is vital to have competent and experienced professionals who can navigate the terrain effectively. These ten esteemed tax attorneys are leading the way and setting high standards in the Costa Rica tax arena.

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