Top 10 Most Influential Projects Lawyers in Chile for 2023

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This article outlines the impressive work being undertaken by a number of distinguished lawyers in the Projects industry in Chile. Whether it’s advising on the development and construction of public infrastructure, assisting in the negotiation and execution of contracts, or aiding multinational corporations with their project management strategies, these lawyers are shaping the landscape of their respective industries.

Each one, renowned for their expertise, dedication and negotiation skills, provides essential legal support to significant projects that advance the infrastructure and industry operations within Chile. As this collection of individual profiles will demonstrate, their contributions are creating remarkable impact in the projects sector in Chile.

Note that some of these legal professionals work for law firms with official websites, which are hyperlinked below. Others don’t have a stated website, but are recognized in their industry.

Andrés Sanfuentes

Working for the law firm Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría, Andrés Sanfuentes is based in Santiago. Excelling in handling transactions related to infrastructure and public works developments, Sanfuentes is also known for his prowess in addressing energy project financing.

Cristián Urzúa

Cristián Urzúa receives accolades for his adept counsel to power and mining companies as they engage with projects and EPC contracts in Chile. Based in Urzúa Abogados, his keen approach to conflict resolution and mastery of legal and contractual matters are frequently praised by clients.

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Alfonso Reymond Larraín

Senior practitioner Alfonso Reymond Larraín serves as an expert advisor on construction contracts at his Santiago-based firm, Reymond & Cía. He is also recognized for his guidance on public infrastructure projects.

Ignacio Vargas

Ignacio Vargas is an emerging partner at Dentons Larraín Rencoret Spa. Celebrated for his experience in helping clients with construction and infrastructure projects, Vargas stands out for his timeliness, strategic insights, and proficiency in the construction sector matters.

Nicolás Balmaceda

Working with Barros & Errázuriz Abogados, Nicolás Balmaceda deals with multiple transactions in the realms of transportation and infrastructure. Balmaceda is acclaimed for his dedicated and technically sound approach to handling projects domestically in Chile.

Nicolás Yuraszeck

Being an emerging partner and working with Prieto Abogados, Nicolás Yuraszeck often offers his support to multinational clients and shows dexterity at handling bidding processes and contract negotiations. A client praises him saying, “Nicolás Yuraszeck is a great negotiator with plenty of experience in project development.”

Arturo Bulnes

Arturo Bulnes of Larrain y Asociados Abogados, supports clients through different stages of project development and financing. This includes projects like construction of hospitals and roads in Chile. He is highly praised by clients for his knowledge of projects and public works.

José Manuel Larraín

José Manuel Larraín of Dentons Larraín Rencoret SpA, provides guidance on the development and construction of public and private infrastructure projects. He is well placed to assist with concessions agreements and has a keen understanding of the needs of his clients.

Juan Pablo Halpern

Working at Clyde & Co Chile, Juan Pablo Halpern benefits clients with his extensive experience in construction and infrastructure matters. Specialized in the development of projects and advice on EPC contracts, Halpern is an expert in construction contracts with strong negotiation skills.

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Victor Ríos Salas

Victor Ríos Salas, at Molina, Ríos Abogados, is renowned for his advice given to distinguished multinational client base on significant projects. This includes water desalination and photovoltaic plants, infrastructure projects, ranging from airport to hospital developments in Chile.

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