Top 10 Most Influential Nationwide Litigation PR & Communications Lawyers 2023

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In the complex and often labyrinthine world of litigation, the role of the public relations (PR) and communications lawyer has become vital. Expertise in this area of law can make the difference between a successful face-saving strategy or an ill-judged public response leading to long-lasting reputational damage. The United States hosts a skilled and experienced cadre of PR and communications lawyers who operate nationwide. This article showcases some of the top figures in this sector, detailing their backgrounds, specialties, and the reputation they hold in the industry.

Litigation PR and communications is a unique specialty, combining a deep understanding of law with the ability to craft and manage an efficient public relations strategy. In an era where information spreads quickly, and reputation can be damaged with a single click, these professionals are essential. They can prevent a legal dispute or issue from causing brand damage, guide clients through regulatory investigations, manage crises effectively, and provide strategic advice to maintain reputation integrity in the face of adversities.

Professionals specializing in litigation PR and communications come from various backgrounds – some are attorneys by training, while others have developed their skills in media, public relations, or crisis management. They are praised for their strategic minds, their knowledge, and their skill in managing the media landscape effectively. Some of the most highly regarded professionals in this field work across the length and breadth of the United States, offering their expertise to individuals, organizations, and companies nationwide.
Here are some of the most noteworthy practitioners in this niche field.

Brandy Bergman

Brandy Bergman is a founding partner and the CEO of Reevemark. She possesses extensive experience in handling special situations such as regulatory investigations, cyber attacks, earnings warnings, and product recalls. Given her background in law, Bergman effectively combines her legal and PR expertise to provide top-notch service.

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Andrew Frank

Andrew Frank, the founder and president of KARV Communications, is celebrated as a highly knowledgeable advisor in matters regarding litigation PR and communications.

Paul Caminiti

Paul Caminiti, also of Reevemark, is an expert at guiding high-profile individuals and executive teams through complex litigation issues. Having handled civil and federal criminal cases, he is revered for his active involvement and commendable experience in the industry.

David Poston

David Poston, the founder of Poston Communications, enjoys a strong reputation in litigation PR. He built his formidable reputation on his background as an attorney.

Molly Levinson

Molly Levinson, the founder and CEO of The Levinson Group, is an expert at managing reputations and providing strategic advice during challenging trials, investigations, or crises. She is acclaimed for her strategic thinking and her credibility with the media, clients, and other stakeholders.

Allan Ripp

Allan Ripp, the principal at Ripp Media, has many years of success in litigation PR, being one of the pioneers in the field. He is recognized for his in-depth understanding of the media, the clients, and the legal industry.

Joshua P. Galper

Joshua Galper, an attorney from Trident DMG, has worked on various US presidential campaigns, including President Obama’s 2008 campaign.

Myron Marlin

Myron Marlin from FTI Consulting, Inc, is a senior managing director in the firm’s strategic communications division. He is noted for his extensive knowledge of the regulatory and legal landscape and his well-connected industry network.

Jamie Diaferia

Jamie Diaferia, the founder and CEO of Infinite Global, is admired for his strategic approach. Sources praise him as one of the most skilled professionals in the industry.

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Risa Heller

Risa Heller, the CEO of Risa Heller Communications, has established herself as a reliable contact for companies requiring PR support during high-stakes litigation. She is commended for her effective communication skills and her capacity to address reputational issues effectively.

The demand for professionals in litigation PR & communications has never been higher, and the practitioners showcased in this article respond to this demand with aplomb. Their services are indispensable for individuals, organizations, and firms seeking to navigate the intersection of law and reputation management in these challenging times.

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